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erp master sap thesis Master’s Thesis Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning in Supply Chain Management By Seyed Ali Nemati Dinesh Mangaladurai This Thesis.
At the same time the benefits and drawbacks of cloud-based ERP in comparison with on-premises ERP and, Risks and limitations of using SaaS for ERP.

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Software vendors and consultants carry a thorough knowledge of ERP implementation processes but most of them still face challenges in the actual implementation phase. Successful implementations of ERP require careful planning with regard to not just the change management aspects, but also technical and cultural bearing in the organizations.

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The paper very well discuss how complexities of a large ERP system represent a true challenge from the knowledge transfer point of view among different personnel involved in the entire process. The paper needs no further extension to justify it and it has been written keeping in mind all possibilities of exploration on the chosen subject.

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A real successful implementation of enterprise systems is still awaited as the application of technology advancements is in pending state in context of ERPs. To see the SCM cycles achieve, what they really can, there is a need to accoutre enterprise systems with new techniques.

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It is highly beneficial to implement ERP system for an organization but there have quite a number of implications with such implementations. In this paper, Svejvig postulates that some companies gained immense increase in the level of speed of work and productivity with ERP coming into play while there also happened some others which suffered badly with overestimated ERP system and did not profited much out it. Thus even thorough study and planning may not lead to a successful ERP implementation. The management’s decision to get into a company’s IT must be well supported and justified. The author has explored various reasons as to why a company may need to go for re-implementation of ERP systems.

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The author has written the paper more in general terms rather than highlighting the need of any specific kind of enterprise systems, which leads the reader still with not much knowledge of exact industry need. Most of the business applications require a combination of techniques to be as part of their enterprise solutions. The author could have explored such needs in further detail to make the paper more useful for its readers.

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With advancement in data compression, memory and storage costs, inclination towards distributed computing, digital identities, data in the cloud, location awareness needs and fast growing automation of business operations put a burden on ERP systems to be equipped with transactions and functions that can be accessed easily and from multiple channels. Furthermore, newer trends and techniques in the world of information management systems probe enterprise solutions. For example, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), workflow management, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), BPM and many others. Enterprise systems, which have emerged as a powerful in the management of businesses, need to be enabled with advances in the technologies to make them more useful for different kinds of organizations. The author discusses how new techniques under the umbrella of IIIE can be used to build better enterprise systems and consequently how supply chain management can be made more beneficial.