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The event was the prestigious Dallas Hip & Knee Society (AAHKS) meeting November 6-9th and attended by an elite group of voted-in AAHKS orthopedic surgeons. Orthopedic surgeons have implanted the Endo-Exo prosthesis in over 46 amputees with post-operative patient data collection up to 6 years out.

[Evaluation of 10 years experience with endo-exo femur prostheses - background, data and results].

The Endo-Exo Prosthesis from ESKA represents the newest innovation in patient care for above the knee amputees, increasing mobility, range of motion, quality of life and full integration into the workplace. Hiking, walking, riding a motorcycle, horseback riding, and many other activities are possible with the Endo-Exo Prosthesis.

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We assume that endo-exo prosthesis may be a promising option for selected patients unable to use a conventional prosthesis because of a problematic amputation stump.

Healthcare News! Endo-Exo replacing prosthetic sockets …

Prosthetist (Canadian Certified) - Someone who designs, fits and makes artificial limbs and who’s education and training and expertise is recognized and credentialed by the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetists and Orthotists