Hermann Emil Fischer – The most outstanding chemist …

Hermann Emil Fischer (9 October 1852 - 15 July1919) was a German and recipient of the in 1902. He is known for inventing the Fischeresterification.

12/07/1985 · Hermann Emil Louis Fischer FRS FRSE FCS (9 October 1852 ..

However, Fischer synthesized fructose, and a great number ofother sugars, and having showed how to deduce, for instance, theformulae of the 16 stereoisomeric glucoses, he prepared severalstereoisomerides, thereby completing a most brilliant experimentalresearch, and simultaneously confirming the theory of theasymmetric atom (see ).

Hermann Emil Fischer – The most outstanding chemist in ..

Fischer worked with glycerol and found the synthesis of glucose, fructose and mannose.

Fischer synthesized some of the known sugars such as fructose and glucose, and he identified 16 stereoisomeric forms of glucose. In addition, he synthesized a number of sugars that do not occur in nature and demonstrated their structural relationships. His work proved to be a vindication of the asymmetry theory of J. H. van't Hoff and J. A. Le Bel; that is, mirror-image molecules do, in fact, exist.