Egg in a Bottle Trick with a Modern Day Twist

You may find yourself with hard-boiled eggs on hand this weekend. If you have one to spare, we recommend this this easy and aurally satisfying science demonstration.

The Egg in a Bottle Trick is a science classic, ..

In this experiment you test the effects of Coca Cola on your teeth and what toothpaste does for you. However instead of your teeth you use two white eggs to do this experiment.

B. D. Bossidy - The Egg in the Bottle Experiment

By dropping a burning match into the bottles just before placing the boiled egg on its mouth, the flame burns up all the oxygen inside the bottle.

This in turn creates a vacuum inside the bottle that sucks the egg into the bottle.
To make this experiment better next time we should try a different method.

Egg in Bottle Science Projects | Sciencing

Have one person hold the scrap of paper a little out of the bottle while the second person lights the paper. As it burns, let the paper fall into the bottle and quickly place the hard boiled egg in the mouth of the bottle. The reduced air pressure in the bottle as it cools should quickly and easily do the rest!

Steve Spangler Science: The Egg in the Bottle Trick

We used google for information
We found that the cause for the egg to float on salty water, but not on the unaffected water, was because both waters had different densities, each less or more dense than the egg.
We hypothesize that if we put 3tbs of salt in the water, then the egg will float.

Materials for Bouncing an Egg for a Science Fair Project; ..

Do the same thing with the bottle with the bigger neck after done with the first one.
Independent Variable: eggs

Dependent Variable: bottles

Control Group: Bottle with the smaller neck

Experimental Groups: Bottle with the bigger neck
Our hypothesis was correct because as we said the boiled egg in the bottle with bigger neck got in faster then the egg in the bottle with smaller neck.

"Egg in Bottle Science Projects."

On blowing into the bottle holding it upside down so that the egg falls into its neck, the egg pops out.

We think the egg will get in faster in the bottle with the bigger neck than it will in the bottle with the smaller neck.

2 eggs
2 Bottles
Matchbox and matches
Pieces of paper