watch the magic of the egg going in the bottle 4.

Students can also be introduced to the idea that in science there are many wonders that scientist can not fully explain. Scientist can only make observations and try to collect as much information as possible and based on the knowledge they gain from these observations they can hypothesize about what is happening. For example, scientist did not actually see the dinosaurs that lived during the Triassic Period; However, they can predict because of the evidence that was left behind in the fossil record.

form a conclusion- After doing the experiment, we saw that our hypothesis was right.

So what can we do with an egg that is science-like and fun? Why, dissolve the shell with a mild acid and turn the innards to a rubbery substance, of course.

02/06/99- I conducted the experiment the egg and the bottle.

3) the experiment with the egg and the bottle is that the egg will not be sucked in the bottle.

Before heating, the can was filled with water and air. By boiling the water, it changes states, from liquid to gas (water vapor). The water vapor (steam) pushes the air that was inside, out of the can. By inverting the can in water, we are cooling the vapor very quickly and constraining the potential for rapid flow of air back into the can. The cooling condenses the water vapor back to water. All of the vapor which took up the interior space of the can before is now turned into a few drops of water, which take up much less space. This causes the pressure to drop and the atmospheric pressure is therefore pushing on the can and crushing it.

Egg in Vinegar Experiment | Science Project Ideas

1. With adult supervision - Boil an egg until it becomes a hard boiled egg. When the egg has had time to cool, crack it and peel off the egg shell.

2. Take a used tapered candle (around 2" in height) and wrap some of the fine wire around the base of the candle leaving a long strand/lead so that the candle can be lowered into the jar and rest standing at the bottom of the jar.

3. Light the candle and carefully lower the candle to rest at the bottom of the jar and leave the wire string draped over the top of the jar.

4. Place the hard boiled egg on the top (mouth) of the jar.

5. Watch and wait to see what happens.

The egg in vinegar experiment, ..

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