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I think this because the plant may use up all of the carbon dioxide (Sodium hydro carbonate) and the plant can have as much light as it needs but if it does not have any carbon dioxide it will not be able to photosynthesise....

Aim: We will be trying to see if light intensity has an effect on the rate of photosynthsis.

I had
enough results to reach a conclusion and my results prove that light
intensity is effects the rate of photosynthesis: the further the light
the slower the rate of photosynthesis.

Does the Amount of Light Effect Plant Growth

3) Thirdly I will place the boiling tube in a test tube holder 5cm in front of the light source....

If you did an experiment with plants grown with black light alone and other plants grown with regular light plus black light, you would expect plants grown with black light alone to die.

salt water, carbonated water, and soda} effect plant growth

Using the measurements you have dutifully recorded, you may want to average the results from each of the 5 pots in a group to come up with a group average for each day. Using this averaged plant size from each group, you can easily compare how well each group grew and which method worked out best in the topic of plant size. You can also take the average angles of the plants with respect to the ground and compare each group's angles. This will help you determine what kind of affect each variable had on the way the plant grew as well as just how much of an effect it had.

Conclusion - The Effects of Colored Light on Plant Growth

Question: I need help with an experiment I'm doing. I read some place that plants need more red artificial light because it is the color of heat. It also said that artificial blue light was a cool color.

Does the Amount of Light Affect the Growth of Plants???

What effect do you think the location of the water will have on the plant? How about the effect of the light's location? Specifically, do you think the plant will grow towards or away from the water and towards or away from the light?

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The color of light does affect plant growth. See, sunlight contains many colors of the visible specturm, and the invisible. Plants can be affected. Cellophane tents don't work because they don't supply the correct amount and cellophane affects opaqueness of the light... so use colored light bulbs. Plants (expecially flowering and house) tend to like violet, blue and red lights... not so much as some yellows, oranges and greens. Maybe this should help... Good LUCK!!!! -Jenni,
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John Ott worked a great deal with plants and how light and color affects them. I suggest you read some of his work. You can find references to John Ott on the web. I suspect it's not the color 'temperatures' you'll find to be central, but the frequencies of light that come in contact with the plants. You can do literature searches on such topics as color, temperature, and plants. But conducting an experiment gives you direct experience and first hand observations. That's what scientists like! :-) Conduct your own experiment - and maybe you'll find something never before discovered.