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The conference will explore current and emerging practice, showcase professional development resources and facilitate deep reflective thinking. It is also a terrific opportunity to network with peers, meet with leading suppliers and see the latest technology available to support early childhood service delivery.

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The majority of children around the world have at least one sibling. The sibling relationship is likely to last longer than any other relationship in one’s lifetime and plays an integral part in the lives of families. Yet, in comparison to the wealth of studies on parent-child relationships, relatively little attention has been devoted to the role of siblings and their impact on one another’s development. In recent decades, research has focused on sibling relations in early childhood, and the shift from examining the role of structural variables (e.g., age, birth order) towards more process variables (e.g., understanding of their social worlds) has proved to be a fruitful direction. Siblings are viewed as an integral component of family systems1,2 and as an important context for learning and development3 but there are a number of methodological and conceptual challenges to studying siblings from this perspective.

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Professionalism in the context of African childhood is critical to the development of the early childhood field. This should be considered in light of rights-based approaches. The article describes childhood in African cultural settings and points to sensitive aspects of African child development that would require keen sensitivity from professionalization agendas.

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Families are the first teachers of preschoolers, and African women serve as important persons in child rearing by providing home-based early childhood education. The extended family system in Africa contributes to collective nurturing of the child; hence the breakdown of such a system could have devastating effects on child development on the continent.

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Pence, Alan. 2011. Early childhood care and development research in Africa: Historical, conceptual, and structural challenges. Child Development Perspectives 5.2: 112–118. DOI:

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There is need for a critical adoption of program and service-delivery models grounded in value systems and knowledges appropriate for the African continent. Ignoring the sociocultural contexts of the knowledge bases that inform early childhood development policies and practices can present conflicting challenges and unproductive outcomes. Local and global perspectives can contribute to and enrich knowledge on child development.

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