Synthesis and applications of rhodamine fluorescent dyes

The discovery of Aniline Purple set off a furious race to findmore dyes with similar compositions, using aniline as a starting point. These dyes were sometimes called as 'coal-tar' dyes due to the origin ofaniline, and for a long time, all synthetic dyes were referred to as anilinedyes, regardless of their starting molecules2. All aniline dyesare basic in character (see Synthetic Textile Dyes)

Dichroic Dyes - Colour Synthesis Solutions

Two approaches were used to synthesize site specific probes which incorporate both fluorophores and the 1.4 nm Nanogold gold particle. One method involves the covalent linkage of the Nanogold particle to Hoescht-33258, a fluorescent dye which is specific for AT-rich regions of double stranded DNA. In the second approach, a label was prepared which consists of a small number of fluorescein groups and the Nanogold particle. Labeled peptides were separated from unbound peptide by gel filtration.

Tie Dye Grignard Synthesis Essay - 671 Words

Quantum Chemical Designing of Efficient Sensitizers for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Even today, deep blue, purple and crimson are traditionally associated with royalty, luxury and wealth. This is because they are difficult and expensive colours to achieve using natural dyes. Until the advent of synthetic dyes 100 years ago, natural dyes (from plant, animal or mineral sources) were the only way to colour fabrics.