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I just want to pile on to the marijuana advocacy coming through in these comments. With all of the incredibly negative events I have seen caused by alcohol and the overwhelming lack thereof with marijuana (or hallucengenics for that matter) it blows my mind that the former is legal while the latter not.

Consider something like: Alcohol abuse victimizes children, ruins lives and destroys families.

Drugs in any shape or form have soo much of a seriouseffect of the body that noone should even want to do them and if they do they're only wasting their own lives away.

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I probably know just about as many "potheads" as I do alcoholics, yet the persistence of the government to waste countless billions of dollars to try and wipe out the use of this drug is pathetic.

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For every study that shows a benefit to moderate alcohol comsumption (usually cardiovascular benefit), there is another that shows an increased risk. Breast cancer risk, for example, appears to increase even with low to moderate alcohol use. I don’t drink for personal reasons, and I’ve never had a physician try to sway me to start drinking for my health.

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Roberts, M., Fox, C., McManus, J. (2001) [Discusses the problematic association between alcohol and disorder. This relationship is never easy to define and is dependent on many variables. While the benefits can not be overlooked work still needs to be done to reduce crime and within this remit considering alcohol issues has a significant part to play.]NACRO, London.

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