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In the 2-week drinking-water studies, water consumption in the three highest dose groups of both species was reduced by more than 65%. Some animals in the third highest dose group and all animals in the two highest dose groups died. The authors attributed the deaths to dehydration. The only gross or microscopic change specifically related to cupric sulfate toxicity was an increase in the size and number of cytoplasmic protein droplets in the epithelium of the renal proximal convoluted tubule in male rats consuming excess copper at 45 mg of copper/kg per day (NTP 1993).

The same thing with humans, when we drink the water, the extra salt comes in you.

In both areas, households draw drinking water from their own wells. In 1970, drinking water samples were collected from 93 wells in the western area and from 234 wells in the eastern area. The samples were analyzed for 22 water factors (16). The study areas were divided into sub-areas, 10 in the west and 33 in the east. Medians, representing the values for the drinking water in the sub-areas, were calculated for each of the water characteristics. All the subjects in a sub-area, including those who had died earlier, were assigned the values of the sub-area water (16). For this study on drinking water, however, only subjects whose residence had not changed since 1959 were included. The number of subjects who moved from their sub-area after 1970 was small and they were not excluded from the statistics. In the present study, data on magnesium, copper and chromium were analyzed for possible associations with the development of CHD and with the occurrence of sudden deaths in the two cohorts, during the period 1959-1974.

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Many people do not drink enough water, or even drink the right kind of water.

The effect of chloroform administered in the drinking water on the methylation of the promoter region of the c-myc gene was determined. Chloroform administered in drinking water at 1600 and 800 mg/L, but not at 400 mg/L, induced hypomethylation of c-myc. When chloroform was co-administered with DCA in the drinking water, it prevented the hypomethylation of c-myc induced by DCA. Thus, DCA in the presence of 0 and 400 mg/L chloroform resulted in the same amount of hypomethylated c-myc gene. However, when co-administered with 800 and 1600 mg/L chloroform, there was a dose-related decrease in the amount of hypomethylated c-myc. When chloroform was co-administered with TCA, it did not alter the extent of hypomethylation induced by TCA. Hence, there was a correlation between the effect of co-administering chloroform in the drinking water on hypomethylation of c-myc and its effect on the yield of liver tumors. That is, chloroform decreased the ability of DCA both to induce hypomethylation of c-myc and to promote liver tumors while not affecting the ability of TCA to induce either effect.

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A further basic element for a study on drinking water is the constancy of concentrations, which has received scant attention (15). We had an opportunity to investigate this aspect of the problem when, in 1974, 4 years after the collection of the samples for the present study, the two cohorts were reexamined and new drinking water samples were obtained. Unfortunately, those 2 years represented two extremes as regards rainfall during the periods immediately preceding water collection, particularly in the eastern area. In 1974 the amount of rainfall in the three preceding months was about 2 1/2 times that in 1970 in the east, and in both areas large differences were present in water table levels between the 2 years (10, 26). From the 1974 samples several water constituents were analyzed and concentrations in wells included on both occasions (west, n = 22; east, n = 46) were compared to those of 1970. In spite of these complicating factors the concentrations of bulk elements (Na, K, Ca, Mg) were remarkably similar, and the correlations between the values of the 2 study years were quite good. For magnesium, the correlation coefficients (r) were 0.89 (p

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You can drink the water like this or you can wait for it to bubble out, but the water contains the highest level of antioxidants the sooner you drinking it, because the -ORP value evaporates out of the water.

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Over the last decade as I have been following discussions on this topic, there seem to be better quality studies published, and a few continue to show a correlation between drinking hard water and cardiovascular health and even an experimental study that reports a cause and effect relationship. Other studies continue to show no health effects of drinking hard or soft water. These studies are interesting, and if ordinary people actually show increased health benefits from drinking hard water, than my assumption above that might be in error.