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The capacity of any person to lead and sustain a ministry rests not in some technique or skill. Intellectual prowess, academic rigor, and advanced people skills are no substitute for the real catalyst for ministerial leadership. Before one can lead others, one must learn to follow. That is why the heart of our program beats with a commitment to the spiritual formation of the student.

The Doctor of Pastoral Ministry can be earned in combination with either the M.A.

Doctor of Missiology Fuller’s practice-oriented Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program forms pastors and other ministry doctor of ministry thesis leaders to be reflective and nimble,.

Bruce Klein, Professor Dana KleinATS offers 3 Doctorate degrees:

All Doctoral Program must be completed in 4 years.

Investigate the personal benefits of earning the Master of Science in Christian Administration degree to have a more effective ministry, business, or as an educational additive to your current vocation or profession.

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A doctorate is conferred upon those who have completed postgraduate studies in a doctor's course. To graduate with a doctor's degree, a student must, in principle, study at least 5 years in a graduate school (3 years for those who have completed a master's program), acquire at least 30 credits, receive necessary research guidance and write a doctoral thesis that is judged satisfactory and pass an examination.

Purpose The Doctor of Ministry ..

Administrative/Ministerial Track: The project should reflect the student’s particular interests and/or context needs, such as the teaching of a series of classes on hymnody, the development and execution of a series of workshops, etc. The project must include a written component of 35,000-40,000 words (140-160 pages and may include recordings or video if applicable.

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Our Professional Doctoral graduates are serving as pastors, staff members, missionaries, state convention and denominational employees, and adjunct professors. Our oldest graduates (having graduated in their 70s!) are still serving faithfully in ministry.

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When the student has finished his/her academic modules or approved course material and completes a dissertation of 120-130 pages of research they will receive a Doctor of Ministry Degree.

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The D.S.M. project may take the form of a recital or lecture-recital, a choral/instrumental performance, the writing of a traditional thesis, the composition and performance of an original work or set of works, or the development of an in-ministry activity based on the student’s particular area of interest and context need. The concept and format of the project can adhere to one of three distinct project formats as delineated below.