The following factors must be present for DNA and transcription:

It is important to note that the tRNA is reused and collects another specific amino acid. Once the protein has been mRNA may move to another ribosome to make a further protein or it can be broken down into free nucleotides to be reused.

The main stages of protein synthesis are transcription and translation.
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So a copy was made, called mRNA.
The mRNA moves into the cytoplasm where the code will be on a ribosome by (tRNA) molecules.
Each tRNA carries one specific which will be needed to build the protein.

Gene Expressionand Protein Synthesis

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RNApolymerase II, the GTFs, SRB proteins and other regulatory proteins have nowbeen shown to interact in large complexes in the nucleus (Table 3.1.6). Acomplex called the mediator transcription of DNA using purified RNApolymerase II and GTFs failed to increase the amount of transcription whentranscriptional activators were added. However, a component in nuclear extractswould confer the ability to respond; this was called the mediator ofactivation. When purified, it was discovered to contain several Srb proteins,Gal11, Rgr1 and other transcriptional regulators.

Translation Of Protein Synthesis-Translation of mRNA …

The complex of proteins and DNAcould be demonstrated to be specific and active because when NTPs were added,specific transcription from the promoter was observed. We call the assembledprotein-DNA complex that is capable of specific initiation of transcription ata promoter a preinitiation complexinitiation complex

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Experiments usingpurified GTIFs and RNA polymerase II examined the ability of these proteins toassemble a specific, active complex on a particular DNA segment containing apromoter and template for transcription. The complex was formed mostefficiently by adding the GTIFs and polymerase in the order shown in Fig.3.1.16.

to form a complete ribosome and the protein synthesis is ..

Purified preparations ofeukaryotic RNA polymerases can transcribe a DNA template containing a promoter,but not with specificity. The purified polymerase starts at many differentsites on the DNA template, not just at the promoter. Thus some factors requiredfor specific initiation are missing from purified eukaryotic polymerases. Thesespecificity factors are present in crude nuclear extracts, because when suchcrude extracts were added to the purified polymerases, specific initiation atpromoters was observed.

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In living cells,RNA polymerases usually start transcription at the beginning of genes. Thesegment of DNA required for specific initiation of transcription by RNApolymerase is called a promoter