Order in which to write the proposal"III.

In an experimental thesis, the Materials and Methods chapter is often the easiest to write – just write down what you did; carefully, formally and in a logical order.

These early stages will involve , but you won't yet be trying to write a complete paper.

Some things which are typically included in appendices are: important and original computer programs, data files that are too large to be represented simply in the results chapters, pictures or diagrams of results which are not important enough to keep in the main text.

The sections below discuss each of these elements in turn.

This feature of academic writing is further discussed in sections 4, 5, and 6.

The final section of your thesis may take one of several different forms. Some theses need a conclusion, while for others a summing up will be appropriate. The decisive factor will be the nature of your thesis statement and research question.

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But if you haven’t thought through your ideas, then rephrasing them won’t make any difference. Why is revision important? Writing is a process of discovery, and you don’t always produce your best stuff when you first get started. So revision is a chance for you to look critically at what you have written to seeif it’s really worth saying,if it says what you wanted to say, andif a reader will understand what you’re saying. The process. What steps should I use when I begin to revise? Here are several things to do.

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Part of what you're being graded on is how well you can do that.Pretend that your reader has not read the material you're discussing, and has not given the topic much thought in advance.

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But if you write as if it were true, it will force you to explain any technical terms, to illustrate strange or obscure distinctions, and to be as explicit as possible when you summarize what some other philosopher said.

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There should be a strong connection between your conclusion and your introduction. All the themes and issues that you raised in your introduction must be referred to again in one way or another. If you find out at this stage that your thesis has not tackled an issue that you raised in the introduction, you should go back to the introduction and delete the reference to that issue. An elegant way to structure the text is to use the same textual figure or case in the beginning as well as in the end. When the figure returns in the final section, it will have taken on a new and richer meaning through the insights you have encountered, created in the process of writing.

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One or two well-mapped paths are better than an impenetrable jungle.Formulate the central problem or question you wish to address at the beginning of your paper, and keep it in mind at all times.