On Secure Digital Image Watermarking.

The DFRFT digital watermarking provides two additional freedom like DFRFT powers and watermark location that results in the possibility to embed more number of watermark bits than watermarking domains.

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(3) The devised hyperchaotic scrambling technique it has been applied to colour image watermark that helps to improve the image encryption and anti-cracking capabilities.

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The experimental results show that the technique successfully survives image processing operations and compare the results.

Key words: Digital watermarking; Discrete cosine transform (DCT), discrete wavelet transform (DWT),least significant bit(LSB)

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This thesis focuses on combining the chaotic scrambling and wavelet watermark embedding to achieve a hyperchaotic digital watermark to encrypt digital products, with the human visual system (HVS) and other factors taken into account.

Research paper on digital watermarking pdf

Nowadays, the transmision of data is very important and it has been carried out by using digital media (Internet, e-mail). There are some problems that may occur in the transmission of digital media data which is associated with data security level to be sent. Base on that condition, the thought of doing data concealment are emerge. Digital image is one of the most common media used by the community. Digital watermarking is one of cryptography methods which used to hide data into digital image so that the data sent cannot be identified by the irresponsible people. Data encryption is used to improve the security of data to be sent. Internet as the world's largest network system that connects nearly all computer worlds, making all the c omputers in the world is increasingly easy to exchange data. There are so many digital data falsification has occurred. Digital falsification of data aimed to succeed the counterfeiting syndicate these hidden plans. the falsification problem of digital data will from be resolved by applying the watermarking using LSB method (Least Significant Bit).

digital watermarking thesis pdf

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(2)The theoretical foundation of watermarking technologies, including the human visual system (HVS), the colour space transform, discrete wavelet transform (DWT), the main watermark embedding algorithms, and the mainstream methods for improving watermark robustness and for evaluating watermark embedding performance.