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Because they are not actively transported, fructose and sugar alcohols are only absorbed down their concentration gradient, and after a moderately high intake, some may remain in the intestinal lumen, acting as a substrate for bacterial fermentation.
Disaccharides cannot be absorbed through the wall of the small intestine into the bloodstream, so in the absence of lactase, lactose present in ingested dairy products remains uncleaved and passes intact into the colon.

Pancreatic amylase, an isoenzyme of salivary amylase, differs only in the optimum pH of action.

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These two are active only within our digestive system.

T1 - The role of protein synthesis and digestive enzymes in acinar cell injury

Several mechanisms have evolved to mitigate the dangers posed by inappropriate activation of digestive enzymes within the pancreas (). Animals engineered to express a mutant trypsinogen that becomes activated within the trans-Golgi network of the secretory pathway showed a transient loss of zymogen granules, which was followed by complete recovery of granule production despite continued expression of this mutant. This observation suggests that pancreatic acinar cells can upregulate protective mechanisms. However, as yet, these mechanisms have not been identified. Reasonable candidates include the upregulation of trypsin inhibitors such as pancreatic secretory trypsin, or an increase in trypsin-degrading enzymes, such as chymotrypsin-C. Trypsin-stimulated induction of apoptosis might be another potential coping mechanism; high levels of intracellular trypsin activity can cause acinar cells to undergo apoptosis., Apoptosis is a means of both eliminating unhealthy cells and limiting the inflammatory cascade.

between food enzymes and digestive enzymes is ..

The major protein-digesting enzymes in the digestive system are pepsin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin.
Pepsin is the most important of this group, and it is part of an enzyme group called aspartate proteases.

or it may be stored in the lysosome as a digestive enzyme

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Protein; Protein Digestion Inside the Human Body

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Another of the types of protein-digesting enzymes are called exopeptidases and are manufactured in the pancreas.
Another group of protein-digesting enzymes controls the circulation of proteins by degrading excess or damaged molecules.