"Difference Between an Abstract and an Introduction."

Passion is fundamentally a self-centered emotion.Sample IntroductionsThere are many similarities and differences between the characters of Humbert Humbert and Clare Quilty.

Difference between an 'Abstract' and an 'Introduction' …

However, a paper of that length probably could effectively assert that "The novelLolitaSample Thesis StatementsThere are many similarities and differences between Humbert Humbert and Clare Quilty.Throughout history, men have written about lusting after women; Lolita is no exception.Morality is not the issue in Lolita; artistry is.Lolita is a novel about America.Lolita is a novel about the corruption of America.In Lolita, the corruption of America merely provides a convenient cover-up for Humbert Humbert's personal perversion.Lolita is an interesting novel, although the narrator, Humbert Humbert, is evil.Love is dead in the twentieth century novel.Although World War II is never mentioned in Lolita, its influence on American society motivates the novel.Introduction Guidelines
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What is the difference between a thesis and an introduction?

Difference between an 'Abstract' and an 'Introduction' in a feature article