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Oligosaccharides are important biomolecules which participate in various cellular processes, yet until
recently, the significance of oligosaccharides in disease and other medical conditions has been largely
overlooked. Currently, oligosaccharides are key components of potential vaccines and treatments for
diseases including cancer, HIV, malaria, and anthrax. While initial investigation of these treatments
may show promise, they are often limited by the cost and difficulty of synthesizing the oligosaccharide
component. Recombinant DNA technology has been used to metabolically engineer bacteria for
oligosaccharide synthesis. This whole cell synthesis strategy can produce the medically-relevant
oligosaccharide from a cheap carbon source like glucose or sucrose, thereby reducing the cost of
oligosaccharide synthesis compared to other available chemical and enzymatic methods. However, whole
cell oligosaccharide synthesis efforts often produce only small quantities of the desired oligosaccharide.
The Chen group have recently demonstrated that using an unconventional bacterium, Agrobacterium sp.
ATCC 31749, oligosaccharides can be synthesized at concentrations as high as 20 mM without the use of
expensive cofactors or nutrients. Dr. Chen’s team has successfully demonstrated that the Agrobacterium
sp is superior to other systems (1). Building on the success with oligosaccharides, Dr. Chen's team has
ventured into polysaccharide synthesis. Hyaluronan is a polysaccharide, important for several medical
procedures such as ophthalmic surgery and arthritis treatment. Recombinant synthesis is of interest
since the traditional extraction from rooster comb and fermentation with pathogenic strains raise safety
concerns. Dr. Chen’s group has successfully engineered both E. coli and Agrobacterium sp strains for the
synthesis of the polymer (2). This success not only provides a novel and safe method for producing the
polymer but also offers an opportunity to further engineer/tailor the property of the polymer to enhance its
performance in various biomedical applications.

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