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Conflict entrepreneurs. Individuals or groups that profit from filling public discourse with antagonistic memes, thereby entangling diverse cultural identities with opposing positions on some science issue. The benefit conflict entrepreneurs derive—greater monetary contributions to the advocacy groups they head, the opportunity to collect speaking fees, remunerative deals for popular books—doesn’t depend on whether their behavior genuinely promotes the cause they purport to be advancing. On the contrary, they profit most in an atmosphere pervaded by cultural recrimination and contempt, one in which democratic convergence on valid science is decidedly unlikely to occur. Their conduct contributes to that state. [Source: Kahan, Scheufele & Jamieson, Oxford Handbook on the Science of Science Communication, Introduction (2017); Kahan, Jamieson et al.(2017) Cultural Cognition blog, . Dated added: Jan. 7, 2018.]

findings in the first phase by explaining and exploring aspects of the cross-cultural

The intention is to gain an enhanced understanding of themanaging of conflict in a cross-cultural organisation, what the employees and the managerview as important in preventing and managing conflict and if the opinions and views betweenthe employees and the manager compares.

(1980) Perspectives on cross-cultural communication.

This paper willlook at the phenomenon conflict within a cross-cultural working environment.

Why as science furnishes more and more knowledge essential to their well-being do members of culturally diverse groups agree less and less about the risks they confront and the policies best suited for abating them? This project seeks to use science's own signature methods of disciplined observation and inference to identify and solve the "science communication problem" distinctive of contemporary pluralistic democracies.

The Importance of Cross-Cultural Business Communications

Secondary data hasbeen used to establish the key issues relating to the concept of interaction between employeesand manager, communication, conflict management and cross-cultural work environment, tocompare responses from the interview to the theory, and to back up findings to gain the bestresult possible.

The Importance of Cross-Cultural Business ..

The aim of this study is to provide an in-depth and interpreted understanding of thesocial world of employees in a cross-cultural organisation – in this paper a group ofhousekeepers and managers in two different hotels in Norway, by learning about their socialand material circumstances, their experiences, perspectives and histories when it comes toconflict, communication, cross-cultural work environment and culture differences.

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The study in thispaper is taking a qualitative approach, therefore, the results cannot be generalised outside thepopulation chosen, but it may give an indication on how things works in a cross-cultural workingenvironment.

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Richard Lewis is quoted in a new book by Kara Alaimo, Ph.D., which, explains how to adapt communication strategies for different cultures around the world. , which was just published by Routledge, breaks the world into ten cultural groups and explains how organizations should adapt their messages, strategies, and tactics for each of them. The book is based upon Dr. Alaimo’s interviews with senior communication professionals in over 30 countries, as well as her own experience as a communicator in the United Nations and in the Obama administration.