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The second step in a critical analysis is to identify 8-10 good recent researches or journals related to your topic that are not more than 5 years old. They must have empirical research, i.e. some kind of primary study analysis in them (survey or interview, etc.). For example:

The information will help your reader understand the natureof the work under analysis.

I would really prefer that you develop your own thesis without my assistance, and therefore, for this essay I will not be providing broad questions for you to ruminate as I did with the first critical essay; rather, I would like for you to spend some time contemplating connections between the works we have read in order to develop your own, original thesis you want to argue.

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As you choose quotations for a literary analysis, remember the purpose of quoting.

In , Michael Porter analyzes the basis of competitive advantage and presents the value chain as a framework for diagnosing and enhancing it. This landmark work covers:

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This resource covers how to write a rhetorical analysis essay of primarily visual texts with a focus on demonstrating the author’s understanding of the rhetorical situation and design principles.

Body section may start either with analysis of the ..

Accredited online course for instructors begins January 23: 'How to Infuse Critical Thinking into Your Instruction.' Study under the guidance of a first-generation scholar of the Paul-Elder Framework!

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Remember that no matter what format you follow in writing your critical analysis, it should have a thesis statement that establishes your approach to or opinion about the piece. Your thesis statement will not be the same as the original author's thesis statement. For example, say that the original author's thesis statement is “the moon is made of green cheese.” Your own thesis might be “the author's assertion that the moon is made of green cheese is ill-founded and is not supported with adequate evidence.”

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Another way to look at a literary analysis is to consider a piece of literature from your own perspective. Rather than thinking about the author’s intentions, you can develop an argument based on any single term (or combination of terms) listed below. You’ll just need to use the original text to defend and explain your argument to the reader.

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There are many models for writing a critical analysis. Some disciplines recommend breaking an analysis into two sections: The first section provides a summary of the content of the work, while the second section analyzes and evaluates the work. Other disciplines, in contrast, favor a model in which the summary and analysis are smoothly integrated. See the reverse side for two serviceable (if unembellished) formats for a critical analysis. Also, remember that length can vary from a paragraph to several pages.