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You may email us your file for proofreading / editing to receive a quotation or if you wish to send numerous small files, accounts for proofreading / editing by an English editor / proofreader cost HK$100/£8/USD13 per 1,000 words, with discounts offered for volumes of over 10,000 words.

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1. Review document and submit a sample edit. First, you e-mail Kathleen your document—even if it is not yet ready for editing. Kathleen will spend 1-2 hours editing a few pages using track changes, after which she will return it to you so that you (and your advisor, if appropriate) can review her work. For this service, Kathleen charges $150.00. If you choose to work with her, this cost may be subsumed within the editing cost if no other changes are made to these pages. If you do not decide to work with Kathleen, you will still come away with a good representation of how to improve your dissertation with pointers for correct APA usage.

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2. Estimate based on review. In addition to being an excellent way for you to review Kathleen’s work before you commit and sign a contract with her, this sample edit is also the basis of her contract, as it allows her to make a fairly accurate estimate of the time she would need to do the work. The cost is based primarily on minutes per page (mpp), which depends upon the extent of editing required or desired to produce a high-quality finished product. Additional charges would include formatting and preparing the front pages (per your school’s specifications), including the table of contents and list of tables and figures; providing the overall formatting; editing the reference list; and formatting tables, as well as consultation time.

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3. Proposed contract. Along with the sample edit, Kathleen will also send you a proposed contract. The primary aspects of the contract are (a) the costs involved broken down into per-page text editing, reference list editing, preparing the front pages, etc.; (b) payment terms; (c) Kathleen’s promise to you to do the best job she possibly can based on her 25+ years of experience; and (d) date of completion.

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All our staff are highly qualified native English editors and proofreading specialists, with degrees from UK universities and have extensive proofreading experience. They proofread & edit the errors that people make as speakers of English as a second language when writing academic scripts or business correspondence.

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4. Cost negotiations, if necessary. If the estimated cost is beyond your budget, you may wish to discuss ways to lower the cost within the scope of the project. Occasionally, Kathleen offers her clients extended payment terms.