The cost of a breast prosthesis varies depending on the type.

Hi I have talked to you on real self. So glad you are done with your surgery. I had to step away for awhile just so consumed with what to do next with healing. Good to be back looking forward to sharing our journey.
I too have IC and was hoping that out of all my symptoms that breast implant removal would help. Happy some symptoms subsided but unfortunately still having bladder issues and food sensitivies. In fact day after surgery I had a new symptom! A swollen stomach that won’t go away! I’m Thinking it is from Candida getting worse from meds etc that I needed for the surgery. I started 5 wks after surgery taking anti fungals and probiotics which are helping with bladder symptoms. Looking forward to hearing your progress.

Hi – Pleasae send a copy of the Guidelines and Indications for Breast Implant Capsulectomy
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Hi Asma,
All breast implants cause profound illness and by far the worse kind are the gummy bears or cohesive gel implants. The chemicals used to make the silicone cohesive are very aggressive and toxic to our body and damage our endocrine, immune system and gut health. If you must augment get Fat Transfer instead. Nicole

Part B covers external breast prostheses ..

Hi, can I please have a copy of Guidelines and Indications for breast implant Capsulectomy?
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Hi Anna,
Please come on to the our facebook group Breast Implant Illness Healing Official Group and we will have an easier time to connect you with a surgeon in your area recommended by other ladies or if you do not have a facebook account, then I recommend this checking out this site as well for Breast Surgeons: . Nicole

while a custom prosthesis can cost over $5000

I have been sick for about 3 years and the recent year my symptoms have gotten worse. I was watching a TV show last night with Yolanda Foster in it and she just had her implants removed by the surgeon listed #1 on your list of explant surgeons. I asked my husband if he thought my implants could have anything to do with all my illnesses. He googled symptoms of implant illness and found your site. He then began to read to me all the symptoms of breast implant illness and my mouth dropped! I have pretty much every single symptom listed with exception of a few. Your site has been very helpful and I have to say I’m a little terrified of what my next few months entail. My one question to you is after the explant surgery, did you have a lift? I’m wondering if reconstruction will be needed or does the surgeon just remove and patch up? I’m not concerned about the size, a perky A cup will be fine with me as long as I get my health back. Thanks for all you have done in helping so many ill women.

Prosthetics: An Alternative to Reconstruction ..

Hi Kimberly,
I did not need a lift and many don’t but some do. It depends on the size of your breasts, the size of implants, aging, weight loss and gain. Your surgeon will tell you if you need a lift for the best result. Many ladies get lifts too and they turn out well. Other than lifts for those that need them no reconstruction is needed after explant. Nicole

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Hi Meredith,
Come to the Facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing Official Group where we can coach you through your detoxification. Nicole