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[Some people are simply better able to converge than others—have morecommunicative flexibility]

There are certaintypes of that can be dangerous, because we can give impressions that we arecondescending. If we adjust towards someone based on a stereotype of thatperson’s ability (e.g., “secondary baby talk” towards elderly, “” or of Whites towards members of minority groups), this can be negative. Many students mistakenly judge whether it is convergenceor divergence on the outcome (if the person is offended, then it isdivergence)—this is not true. It is based on convergence or divergence based onthe intent of the speaker, on the actual behavior, OR on the perception (seepsychological, objective, and subjective convergence, above).

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in the interaction: Some goals might lead you to converge, and others mightlead you to diverge. If you write anessay on this theory, do not talk only about goals as a factor to yourconvergence or divergence, because this does not reflect the complexity of thecauses of accommodation!

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where the extends over all prime numbers p, and again converges for complex s with real part greater than 1. The convergence of the Euler product shows that ζ(s) has no zeros in this region, as none of the factors have zeros.

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where the series on the right converges whenever s has positive real part. Thus, this alternative series extends the zeta function from to the larger domain .

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To estimate the polychoric correlation, PROC FREQ iteratively solves the likelihood equations by a Newton-Raphson algorithm that uses the Pearson correlation coefficient as the initial approximation. Iteration stops when the convergence measure falls below the convergence criterion or when the maximum number of iterations is reached, whichever occurs first. The CONVERGE= option sets the convergence criterion, and the default value is 0.0001. The MAXITER= option sets the maximum number of iterations, and the default value is 20.

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The even features areal convergence that comprise very different branches.Using an extension to the Ringe-Warnow model of language evolution early IE was confirmed to have featured limited contact between distinct lineages, while only the Germanic subfamily exhibited a less treelike behaviour as it acquired some characteristics from neighbours early in its evolution rather than from its direct ancestors.

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We often accommodate based not on the other person’s actualabilities, but on our stereotypes of the group the person belongs to. This maybe responsible for two or three important forms of (when one converges, but does soinappropriately (too much or in the wrong way)