There are several ways in which the conditional is used in Spanish:

example: The introduction of sex education courses at the high school level has resulted in increased promiscuity among teens. A recent study revealed that the number of reported cases of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) was significantly higher for high schools that offered courses in sex education than for high schools that did not.

    - the same proposition is either true or false.

example: There is no reason to listen to the arguments of those who oppose school prayer, for they are the arguments of atheists! example: The American Trial Lawyers Association favors of this piece of legislation, so you know it has to be bad for ordinary citizens.
10. TU QUOQUE: (look who's talking or two wrongs make a right) pointing to asimilar wrong or error committed by another.

Compare these three examples:

For example, there are a number of Creationist authors who say they"used to be evolutionists", but the scientists who haverated their books haven't noticed any expertise about evolution.

A variation (related to ) is to attack a whole class of people.

The "cell phones cause brain cancer"reports are even sillier, with the supposed increase in risk being atmost one or two cancers per 100,000 people per year.

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The existence of life on other planets is fast becomingcertainty !"Another example: arguing at length that your religion is of greathelp to many people.

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Thirty three sevens is not.)Or: "After treatment with the drug, one-third of the mice werecured, one-third died, and the third mouse escaped." Does this meanthat if we treated a thousand mice, 333 would be cured ?

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For example,

"A man who had killed both of his grandmothers declared himselfrehabilitated, on the grounds that he could not conceivably repeat hisoffense in the absence of any further grandmothers."
-- "Ports Of Call" by Jack Vance

Sometimes this is a delaying tactic.

Similarly, "Because we allow terminally ill patients to useheroin, we should allow everyone to use heroin."It is also possible to under-generalize.

Needling is also if you insultyour opponent.

Example: A parent has just read a child the story of Cinderella. The child asks, "If the coach, and the footmen, and the beautiful clothes all turned back into the pumpkin, the mice, and the rags, then how come the glass slipper didn’t change back too?"

A humorous comeback will probably workbetter than an angry one.

An example of poetic gibberish: "Each autonomous individualemerges holographically within egoless ontological consciousness as anon-dimensional geometric point within the transcendental thought-wavematrix."