Twoexamples of such substances are asphalt and the earth’s crust.

The course will be split into two parts: Part 1 will focus on the continuum mechanics (balance laws) of multi-phase solids, with particular attention to fluid diffusion-solid deformation coupling.

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The continuum hypothesis is closely related to many statementsin , point set and . As a result of itsindependence, many substantial in those fields havesubsequently been shown to be independent as well.

Certainly, every hypothesis has a range of validity.

showed in 1940 that the continuum hypothesis (CH for short) cannotbe disproved from the standard (ZF), even ifthe is adopted (ZFC). showed in 1963that CH cannot be proven from those same axioms either. Hence, CHis of. Both ofthese results assume that the Zermelo-Fraenkel axioms themselves donot contain a contradiction; this assumption is widely believed tobe true.

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The hypothesis states that the set of real numbers has minimalpossible cardinality which is greater than the cardinality of theset of integers. Equivalently, as the of the integers is ("") andthe is ,the continuum hypothesis says that there is no set for which

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At least two other axioms have been proposed that haveimplications for the continuum hypothesis, although these axiomshave not currently found wide acceptance in the mathematicalcommunity. In 1986, Chris Freiling presented an argument against CHby showing that the negation of CH is equivalent to , a statement about . Freiling believes this axiomis "intuitively true" but others have disagreed. A difficultargument against CH developed by has attractedconsiderable attention since the year 2000 (Woodin 2001a, 2001b).Foreman (2003) does not reject Woodin's argument outright but urgescaution.

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Cantor gave two proofs that the cardinality of the set of is strictly smallerthan that of the set of ; the second of these is his . Hisproofs, however, give no indication of the extent to which thecardinality of the natural numbers is less than that of the realnumbers. Cantor proposed the continuum hypothesis as a possiblesolution to this question.

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The generalized continuum hypothesis (GCH) states thatif an infinite set's cardinality lies between that of an infiniteset S and that of the of S, then it either hasthe same cardinality as the set S or the same cardinalityas the power set of S. That is, for any there is no cardinal such that An equivalent condition is that for every The provide an alternate notation for this condition: for every ordinal

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With infinite sets such as the set of or , this becomes morecomplicated to demonstrate. The rational numbers seemingly form acounterexample to the continuum hypothesis: the rationals form aproper superset of the integers, and a proper subset of the reals,so intuitively, there are more rational numbers than integers, andfewer rational numbers than real numbers. However, this intuitiveanalysis does not take account of the fact that all three sets are. It turnsout the rational numbers can actually be placed in one-to-onecorrespondence with the integers, and therefore the set of rationalnumbers is the same size (cardinality) as the set ofintegers: they are both .