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In addition to the three Options leading to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, students may apply to Option IV, the Integrated Program, which leads to simultaneous completion of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and the Master of Science in Computer Science, the Master of Science in Information Studies, or the Master of Science in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. The requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Option IV, are given below. The requirements for the Master of Science in Computer Science, the Master of Science in Information Studies, and the Master of Science in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics are described in the .

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COMPSCI 206P. Principles of Scientific Computing. 4 Units.
Overview of widely used principles and methods of numerical and scientific computing, including basic concepts and computational methods in linear algebra, optimization, and probability.

Cheng Professorship in Computer Science

That means Iwill stop being a professor in the Computer Science department afterspring 2019.

Visual computing tasks such as computational photography, image/video analysis, 3D reconstruction, and real-time 3D graphics are key responsibilities of modern computer systems ranging from sensor-rich smart phones, autonomous robots, and large data centers. These workloads demand exceptional system efficiency and this course examines the key ideas, techniques, and challenges associated with the design of parallel (and heterogeneous) systems that execute and accelerate visual computing applications. This course is intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate-level systems students interested in architecting efficient graphics, image processing, and computer vision platforms (both new hardware architectures and domain-optimized programming frameworks) and for students in graphics, vision, and ML that seek to understand throughput computing principles so they can develop scalablenalgorithms that map efficiently these future platforms. Students will perform daily research paper readings, complete simple programming assignments, and compete a self-selected term project. Prerequisites: or equivalent. Recommended: Parallel computing or computer architecture (, ), some background in techniques in either deep learning (, ), computer vision (), digital image processing ().

CS 198. Teaching Computer Science. 3-4 Units.

The honors thesis is an opportunity for students in the computer science departmental honors program to engage in an academic research project under faculty supervision. The research project should be primarily driven by the student’s interest. The thesis itself is a scholarly paper that describes the research project and documents its results. The following is a list of procedures and suggestions for starting and completing an honors thesis. An follows.

CS 198B. Additional Topics in Teaching Computer Science. 1 Unit.

AS 291: Thesis I - Research Design | Ateneo de Manila UniversityCourse Number and Title: AS 291 (Thesis I - Research Design)Date Revised:Number of Units: 3Prerequisite: Passing mark School of Science & EngineeringMaster of Science in Computer Science | Ateneo de Manila UniversityThe program leading to a Master of Science degree in Computer Science is Towards the end of the program, the student will need to defend a thesis on aAteneo computer science thesisEdizioni dell Ateneo 25 Nov 2015 ateneo computer science thesis arnold schwarzenegger wallpaper terminator compare and contrast european and japanese

CS 208E. Great Ideas in Computer Science. 3 Units.

The Ph.D. is conferred upon candidates who have demonstrated substantial scholarship and the ability to conduct independent research. Through course work and guided research, the program prepares students to make original contributions in Computer Science and related fields.