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The other appliances you mention are not ohmic devices and the currents that flow through them are not simply proportional to the voltage supplied to your home. Motors are a particularly interesting case; the average current a motor carries is related in a complicated way to how fast and how easily it's spinning. A motor that's turning effortlessly carries little average current and receives little electric power. But a motor that is struggling to turn, either because it has a heavy burden or because it can't obtain enough electric power to overcome starting effects, will carry a great deal of average current. An overburdened or non-starting motor can become very hot because it's wiring deals inefficiently with the large average current, and it can burn out. While I've never heard of a refrigerator motor dying during a brownout, it wouldn't surprise me. I suspect that most appliance motors are protected by thermal sensors that turn them off temporarily whenever they overheat.

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If a plate is "microwave safe," it will barely absorb the microwaves and heat extremely slowly. In effect, the microwave oven will be operating empty and the electromagnetic fields inside it will build up to extremely high levels. Since the walls of the oven are mirrorlike and the plate is almost perfectly transparent to microwaves, the electromagnetic waves streaming out of the oven's magnetron tube bounce around endlessly inside the oven's cooking chamber. The resulting intense fields can produce various types of electric breakdown along the walls of the cooking chamber and thereby damage the surface with burns or arcs. Furthermore, the intense microwaves in the cooking chamber will reflect back into the magnetron and can upset its internal oscillations so that it doesn't function properly. Although magnetrons are astonishingly robust and long-lived, they don't appreciate having to reabsorb their own emitted microwaves. In short, your plates will heat up slowly and you'll be aging your microwave oven in the process. You could wet the plates before putting them in the microwave oven to speed the heating and decrease the wear-and-tear on the magnetron, but then you'd have to dry the plates before use.

Portion [1] was considered a primary highway.

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Full Median Alternative. This alternative would widen the center median 62 feet, construct high occupancy vehicle lanes, add auxiliary lanes and outside shoulders of the north and southbound lanes between Route and north of Parker Road.

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In December 2016, the CTC amended the SHOPP realted to the followingproject: 1-Men-1 42.4/43.3 | Route 1 Near Albion, from 2.2 miles north of Route128 Junction to 0.2 mile north of Salmon Creek Bridge No. 10-0134. Bridgereplacement. Additional time is required to complete the project due to delaysto the environmental studies and completion of the PA&ED milestone. Delaysare a result of difficulty acquiring access to adjacent private property tocomplete studies, regulatory agencies requiring further studies of anendangered butterfly related to drought conditions, lead contamination presentat the site and in groundwater and the need to define the contamination limits,and delays to on-going consultations with regulatory agencies on environmentalimpacts. These changes will move the schedule to FY 19/20.

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In August 2016, the CTC approved $14,737,000 forMarin 04-Mrn-1 50.1/50.5 Route 1 near Valley Ford, from 0.4 mile south to 0.2mile north of Estero Americano Bridge No. 27-0028; also in Sonoma county (PM0.0 to 0.2). Outcome/Output: Replace structurally deficient structure with newbridge and retaining walls using standard lane and shoulder widths. New bridgeand approaches will be constructed at higher elevation to prevent over-toppingand roadway flooding. Project also includes willow cutting harvesting, willowpropagation and mitigation plantings, and plant establishment periodmaintenance.

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In September 2011, it was reported that construction was completed on aroundabout near Ft. Bragg (001 MEN MEN 59.247). The Fort Bragg roundabout isdesigned to help drivers on Simpson merge onto Route 1 without the potentialtraffic bottlenecks that a stoplight could create. It is located at SimpsonLane just south of Fort Bragg. The project cost $4.4 million project and willbe completed in Fall 2011.