Thedesign is based on a differential current steeringtopology.

Two types may be distinguished: the impulsive type, characterized predominantly by emotional instability and lack of impulse control, and the borderline type, characterized in addition by disturbances in self-image, aims, and internal preferences, by chronic feelings of emptiness, by intense and unstable interpersonal relationships, and by a tendency to self-destructive behavior, including suicide gestures and attempts.

Thesis describe the design of 4-bit Flash ADC using Multiplexer based decoder and clocking circuit.

Review of control design concepts for single input single output systems, Extension to multi- input multi-output systems, Design formulations using state-space and frequency domain, Pole placement, Linear Quadratic Control, Design and performance challenges for multi- variable systems, Robust control, Internal Model Control, Stability analysis using Lyapunov; Design of stabilizing controllers using linearization, Feedback linearization, Small gain theorem.

The paper describes the relation QR Code and cryptography.

Here TIQ comparator is used in the design to reduce the size of the circuit.

In wide band communication systems, low power and high speed ADCs forms the main building blocks. These ADCs are commonly seen in the front end of the radio frequency receivers. Comparators are used in these ADCs. A CMOS Comparator design, based on amplifier-push pull inverter circuit is elaborated in this paper, which is intended to be used as the 1-bit ADC required for the implementation of a first order Delta Sigma (??) A/D converter. This particular design for the comparator makes it faster and lowers the power dissipation. This design is realized in both 180 nm and 90 nm CMOS processes using Cadence Virtuoso platform and low power dissipation is found in 90 nm implementation with 1. 2 V supply voltage. In this work simulation results are reported and comparison of comparator in both technologies are observed

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Course contents:
Identification of nature of the work; Design issues: complex design and calculation, code and regulatory issues, documentation and updating calculations, cost over-run, schedule; Construction issues: type of construction, climatic condition, terrain condition, quality control, material availability, time delay, labor issues, cost-schedule constraints, lost time recovery; Project control and management: evolution of project management, training, planning, work breakdown structure, various methods controlling cost and schedule, inflation factor, delay for various reasons, risk management, event chain, critical events, Gantt chart, project tracking-progress monitoring and controlling, analysis of measureable goals, financial (cost-benefit) analysis, stakeholder analysis, milestone analysis, cost trend analysis, value benefit analysis, target and actual comparison, International standards, various software, quality assurance and control;Safety issues and control; Legal aspects: Claim; avoidance; liability.


This is an advanced course once the students are familiar with basic synthetic chemistry principles. Reactions of heterocyclic compounds (which form the basic skeleton of natural products) includes imidazoles, oxazoles, thiazoles, pyridazines, pyrimidines and pyrazines, terpenes, alkaloids, antibiotics, carbohydrates, vitamins, nucleic acids and proteins. This course will also offer biosynthetic pathway of some important natural products.

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Cadence Virtuoso Layout XL has been used to design layouts of the comparator, and is shown in Fig. 5 and Fig. 6. Fabricated comparator devices will support this work by providing experimental verification of the simulation results.