The same applies to the child who has been abducted

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The fear of a baby or young child being abducted is natural and understandable....

There is some good news: the parental abductions that tend to make the news usually have tragic results. The use of force or threats to harm a child or relatively rare, even though the goal of an abduction is often to change custody agreements or limit contact opportunities with the other parent. Even the term “abduction” isn’t entirely accurate because the parents of this crime are typically in the lawful custody of their child when the incident begins.

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Should everyone with a child fear that child’s abduction, or is it only a made up reality within the media.

The Army's Rebel Groups, have attacked small villages, resulting in thousands of innocent deaths, and the abduction of children to fight with the rebels.

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To get a clear picture of this problem, it is important to understand the reasons behind why children go missing. Some kids choose to become runaways because they’ve just had enough. Other abductions are caused by strangers. Sometimes parental child abductions occur when the parent doesn’t believe they are involved in an abduction. Any time a family member conceals the whereabouts of a child and deprives another person with visitation rights of their visits, an abduction occurs. As the statistics show, this happens more often than you might think – and much of this data comes from 1999, the last year comprehensive statistics were made available.

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Onyoja read Economics and Law at the University of Leicester and was awarded the 36 Bedford Row Prize for outstanding second year performance. She received a Gray’s Inn BVC Scholarship and was called to the Bar in 2010. She achieved a first class in her LLM dissertation titled “Does the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction justly serve the welfare needs and interests of the child?” She is a barrister in chambers in London and has a common law practice, with a specialist interest in private international law and child abduction. Onyoja is a PhD candidate and Elphinstone Scholar at the University of Aberdeen. Her thesis will focus on domestic and family violence within the context of the 1980 Hague Convention. She is supervised by Dr Katarina Trimmings and Professor Paul Beaumont.

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That is no excuse for the behavior. It simply means that a parent is so emotionally out of control that they see no other option but to abduct their child. They might even feel like they are protecting their child by keeping them away from the custodial parent. There is usually a high level of anger present already because of a divorce of cohabiting break-up, so mental reasoning is already naturally reduced with the presence of the angry emotions. Add in the stresses that are being faced and parents can wind up snapping.