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Despite such specific contributions,however, it is far from clear whether synthetic chemistry generally helpsor hinders a better chemical understanding of the material world.

DNA's chemical properties can be harnessed for a variety of biotechnology applications.

Possible applications encompass combinatorial oligonucletide libraries with trimer (codon) phosphoramidites, oligo synthesis using our Truly Universal solid support and convenient purification of oligonucleotide 5'-phosphates with Chemical Phosphorylation Reagent.

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DNA's chemical properties can be harnessed for a variety of biotechnology applications.

In that area, we have thehuge fields of medical and agricultural chemistry, and the developmentof new materials for both daily use and all sorts of engineering such asbuilding, dying, electrical engineering, instrument building, medical prosthesis,Unlike the other two groups, the synthetic chemists in that area usuallyrecognize their moral responsibility to humanity and have some moral ideasof the improvement of conditions of life.

chemical changes occur during DNA synthesis?

These chemicals react directly with certain bases and thus do not require active DNA synthesis in order to act but still do require DNA synthesis in order to be "fixed". They are very commonly used because they are powerful mutagens in nearly every biological system. Examples of alkylators include ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS), methyl methane sulfonate (MMS), diethylsulfate (DES), and nitrosoguanidine (NTG, NG, MNNG) as shown in figure 8. These mutagens tend to prefer G-rich regions, reacting to form a variety of modified G residues, the result often being depurination. Some of these modified G residues have the property of inducing error-prone repair (see sec. III C) although mispairing of the altered base might also be possible. This stimulation of error-prone repair allows all sorts of mutation types to occur as a result of these mutagens, though base substitutions are by far the most frequent. It also appears that alkylated bases can mispair during replication. The relative contribution of all of these mechanisms to actual mutagenesis is unclear.

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Each of these chemicals will continue to mutagenize with time because of their constant likelihood of mispairing. By the same argument, it requires subsequent rounds of replication for any mutation to be generated since this requires "mispairing" during replication. Further, it takes another round of replication before the mutation is stabilized, that is, before both strands of DNA have the "mutant information". Until that occurs, the mismatch repair system can still recognize and remove the inappropriate base. This is termed "mutation fixation" and explains why these mutagens must be present during active DNA replication.

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Base analog mutagens are chemicals that look like normal bases and as such fool the DNA replication system. Their essential property is that they base-pair with two different bases thus making mutations because of their lack of consistency in base-pairing. To be mutagens they must be incorporated into the DNA and therefore they need be present during active DNA synthesis. An example is 5-bromo-deoxyuridine (5BU), which can exist in two tautomeric forms: typically it exists in a keto form (T mimic) that pairs with A, but it can also exist in an enol form (C mimic) that pairs with G.

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Chemical mutagens are defined as those compounds that increase the frequency of some types of mutations. They vary in their potency since this term reflects their ability to enter the cell, their reactivity with DNA, their general toxicity, and the likelihood that the type of chemical change they introduce into the DNA will be corrected by a repair system (). The concerns in the use of mutagens are discussed in . Most of the following mutagens are used treatments, but some of them can also be used .