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(1) The Systems and Procedures Bureau which shall review and design the management reporting systems, review and evaluate the applicability and economics of computerization, purchasing/inventory systems, formulate measures on internal controls to ensure accuracy, integrity and reliability of records systems, and develop a system of controls for capital operational and cash budgeting;

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(7) The General Administrative Service shall provide services relative to procurement and allocation of supplies and equipment, transportation, messengerial work, cashiering, payment of salaries and other Department obligations, office maintenance, property safety and security, and other utility services; and comply with government regulatory requirements in the areas of performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, employment records and reports;

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Cashiering and Purchasing System for this Restaurant was developed using Visual Basic 6.0 as frontend and MS SQL Server 2000 as backend. This system was one of the thesis I made for a particular school.