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To present information in a consistent manner, every publishing entity must make some arbitrary decisions regarding publication style ―the mechanics of how information is presented. Such decisions include how to use abbreviations, what words to capitalize, and when to spell out numbers, to name a few. The guidelines in this section set standards for such issues.

Consider each word of a hyphenated compound in a title or a heading for capitalization.
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An acronym is formed from the initial letters or parts of words in a name or series of words. Some acronyms are associated almost exclusively with the environmental field (see the list of environmental acronyms). Take care that you do not use acronyms that are unfamiliar to your readers.

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Constants are usually defined on a module level and written in allcapital letters with underscores separating words. Examples include and .
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In 1935 York delivered a sermon entitled, Christian Cure for Strife, which argued that the vigilant Christian should ignore current world events, because Europe stood poised on the brink of another war and Americans should avoid it at all costs.

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Do not use a question mark to communicate that you are unsure of the information you write, as this weakens the authority of your writing.


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In titles and headings, capitalize the initial letters of the first word, the last word, and all major words. Do not capitalize articles (a, an, the), coordinate conjunctions (such as and, but, and or), or short prepositions (such as of, in, and at) unless they begin a title or a heading. Capitalize prepositions with more than four letters.

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So I need to maintain the period after the last parenthesis.

York's life caught fire in the American imagination not because of who he was, but what he symbolized: a humble, self-reliant, God-fearing, taciturn patriot who slowly moved to action only when sufficiently provoked and then adamantly refused to capitalize on his fame.

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In proper nouns that are several words long, do not capitalize articles (a, an, the), coordinate conjunctions (such as and, but, and or), or short prepositions (such as of, in, and at), but capitalize prepositions with more than four letters.

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Note that if must be lowercase, and that there is no then keyword

prefilter nonhazardous unknown deionized recharacterized

Hyphenate words with prefixes that would be awkward without a hyphen.

re-form (to form again)
re-cover (to cover again)
un-unionized co-worker (not unionized)