Pond water critters you can see with a microscope

Eugkena : Cytoplasm ,A Green Organelle Responsible for carrying out photosynthesis !!
Amoeba : Nucleus, Mitochindria, Vacuoles, & Cytoplasm Euglena And Paramecium Is Unicellular .
Volvox Can Be Both.

ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article we will discuss about the structure of paramecium

The Euglena moves rapidly, using its flagellum to propel itself through the water rather quickly, shifting directions with whip-like movements. Unlike the Amoeba and the Paramecium, the Euglena has plant-like characteristics. It is sometimes referred to as a “plant-like” protist. The organelle that gives it this plant-like quality is the chloroplast (see Fig. 1), a green organelle responsible for carrying out photosynthesis in plants. The Euglena senses light with a light-sensitive organelle called the “eyespot,” which directs the organism to a light source strong enough for photosynthesis to occur. Since it can undergo photosynthesis, Euglena is able to make its own food just like plants.

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