OIT 643. Special Topics in Supply Chain Management. 3 Units.

Jim is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) and also has a Diploma in Environmental and Planning Law and is a member of the Irish Environmental Law Association.

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To make strategic decisions, businesses need to answer questions such as: How large is the market for a product, what is important for the target segment? How does change in the product design affect profitability? This course aims to help students ask business relevant questions and find data-driven answers to them. The main objectives are to equip students with: 1) an understanding of the value of data - what intelligence it can and cannot provide, 2) exposure to state-of-the-art quantitative tools such as conjoint analysis and cluster analysis to analyze the data, and 3) sufficient hands-on experience with these tools for answering students' own marketing research questions from the perspective of an entrepreneur, marketer or a consultant. The course is designed to address substantive marketing problems such as: market segmentation, targeting, forecasting demand, pricing, and developing new products. We will use a mix of lectures, exercises, cases and a project to learn the material.n.

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Darragh holds a PhD from the University of Limerick on the activity and immobilisation...

This class is devoted to recent developments in the empirical corporate finance literature. Topics include: financial contracting, liquidation and renegotiation, taxation and capital structure, the role of labor markets, leveraged buyouts, executive compensation, the causes and consequences of the financial crisis, and implications of finance for the public sector. The class is very interactive. Many of the sessions will consist of student presentations about the papers from the reading list. We will also further explore empirical methods relevant for applied research in corporate finance, with a focus on identification and panel data issues.

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Seminar examines the development and commercialization of medical technologies in the global setting focusing primarily on Europe, India and China. Faculty and guest speakers from industry and government discuss the status of the industry, as well as opportunities in and challenges to medical technology innovation unique to each geography. Topics related to development of technologies for bottom of the pyramid markets will also be addressed.

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This course offers an overview of information technologies for enterprises and supply chain management. The course has two key components - a series of guest speakers and a set of readings. Students are expected to have read the assigned note on related technologies before class, and prepare to discuss technologies with the guest speaker in class. We will not discuss the technology per se in class, so students who enroll are expected to have some exposure to technologies in order to digest the materials on their own. The main topics of technologies are: DBMS (Database Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), EAI (Enterprise Application Interface), data mining, Big Data, platform-based business model, cloud computing, RFID/NFC, mobile technologies, and mobile payment. In particular, students are encouraged to think hard about potential new businesses around the technology and discuss them in class.

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The goal of this course is to provide first-year Ph.D. students in OIT with sufficient fundamentals to subsequently take advanced research seminars. The course covers the very basics of six topics: queueing theory, inventory theory, multi-echelon inventory theory, game theory, stochastic dynamic programming and econometrics. Lectures will be given by advanced Ph.D. students in OIT.