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It happened because no light energy was going to the plant for photosynthesis so it had to use cellular respirator to keep the plant alive which gives off Co2 but the Co2 cannot go anywhere so it stays in the bottle and the BTB turns yellow.
What really happened was the BTB in the light stayed blue the entire time
Organelles used

The organelles used were the mitochondria and the chloroplast.
Plants and Animals
This is a relationship between plants and animals because plants use both cellular respiration and photosynthesis but animals only use cellular respiration.

07/11/2014 · Photosynthesis Experiment with Elodea and BTB - Duration: 8:13

Photosynthesis Lab: Elodea and Carbon Dioxide In this lab titled "The Elodea Took My Breath Away!" students will be able to "see" photosynthesis in action as colors change (or don't) using Elodea, bromothymol blue, and carbon dioxide.

13/09/2014 · Btb photosynthesis experiment ..

This is a fool-proof lab to demonstrate photosynthesis and respiration in aquatic plants. This lab works great when teaching about the carbon cycle as well. In this lab students will learn that plants only do photosynthesis in the light and in the dark cellular respiration occurs. Materials needed (per group): 4 test tubes with lids or parafilm, water, bromothymol blue, straw, elodea or other aquatic plant, test tube rack, aluminum foil, light source, and a goldfish is optional for an…