4. My surgeon is great; the man undoubtedly saved my life after chemo and radiation didn't quite do the trick. So, my family, friends, and I adore him. However, my experience so far suggests that skin problems, issues with base plates, and prosthetics in general are best addressed with your SLP vs. the doctor. I'm no expert but these are my thoughts.

IN2012-SO: InHealth Blom-Singer Classic Indwelling Voice Prosthesis 20F / 12mm

I am an outdoor activity enthusiast, walk/jogging, biking, hiking, and backpacking, so I am very concerned about protecting my stoma from anything but air being inhaled. I don't have a voice prosthesis, which makes protecting my stoma less complicated. You are probably aware that the ways mosquitos home in on us, as a food source, is their acute ability to detect carbon dioxide, oder, temperature, and movement, so we are prime to go items on their menus when we are out rock'in and roll'in. I used the HME baseplate filter system at first, when I was able to get back into action, but I too found them very frustrating and unsatisfactory, because I was always blowing them out with my heavy breathing and sweating. I just happened to have some Humidi-Foam Stoma Filters which I had received a sample of from Bruce Medical Supply at one of the Annual IAL Meeting/Voice Institutes, so I decided to give one a try for a walk/jog, and was delighted to find that it stayed in place without a problem. I do, however, also utilize an UnderArmour (my preferred brand) "compression" shirt, under my usual activity shirt (always made of a technical microfiber material), to hold it securely in place. The reliability of the foam filter was a fabulous discovery for me, and I find that there have only been a few times when the filter adhesive has failed during the past few years and multitude of heavy breathing, sweaty actives for which they have worked without a hitch. I keep a bandana handy in case I am caught in dusty conditions to add an additional layer of filtering.
Tucking the bottom of the bandana into my compression shirt keeps it securely in place. The compression shirt also has the property of wicking moisture away for quicker evaporation, and thus works to help cool the body. Have a great time on your outdoor adventures. I'll be doing a combination bike/hike in the wilds of centralish Florida this weekend which I am very much looking forward to. Happy trails!

with the Blom-Singer voice prosthesis

The Blom-Singer® Voice Prosthesis Placement Surgical Kit is designed to ..

The areas of communication disorder for which assistance is available, but not limited to, at the Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center are aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, dysphonia, and cognitive-linguistic impairment. Our therapist is also trained in the Lee Silverman Program for enhanced communication with Parkinson's patients; Post Laryngectomy communication via electrolarynx, esophageal speech or voice prosthesis ( Provox and Blom-Singer Prosthesis) training; and Visipitch biofeedback training for voice disorders. Limited counseling for patients with Dysphagia is also available.