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Bush read the Cliff notes to a report that came out a year earlier (notice how he backtracked when Cheney read him the report out loud...;-) ), which if ones reads in depth is most conflicting as I've described.

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Yet the fixing of the 1919 World Series was different. For one thing, the series was thought to be a mismatch: the Reds, a team of average players who’d fought hard to win the National League pennant, against the White Sox, one of the best teams ever assembled and thought to be invincible. Gamblers didn’t expect much action on that year’s series, and they never dreamed of fixing it. They also never dreamed eight Chicago players would come to them. For $100,000, to be paid in $20,000 installments after each loss, the players offered to throw the series.

“The Chicago Black Sox Banned From Baseball.” ESPN Classic.

Fullerton, the Black Sox Scandal, and the Ethical Impulse in Sports Writing


Naughty Nazis:

Totalitarian State
Government controls all industry
Government controls food and salary distribution to workers
Imperialistic conquest to create an empire
Well-armed and trained vicious secret service - SS
Citizens controlled by fear and brainwashing by government published and broadcasted doctrine
One party system
No freedom of the press
Innocents killed: 6.5 million
Atrocity quotient of 6,500,000/(1945-1932 - yrs of existance) =


Totalitarian States
Government controls all industry
Government controls food and salary distribution to workers
Imperialistic conquest to create empires
Well-armed and trained vicious secret service - ex.

The key is F, and the vamp for a good part of the verse is in F.

He's not as technically proficient as Dias and the players that followed him and he doesn't have a lot of control even over his more bluesy economical style, his vibrato kind of sucks and, well that's enough.

Also there are a couple of relatively good books on the market.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe it's a good thing there's no SD tour '02?Date: Wed, July 03, 2002, 11:53:00
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Sean, this is just speculation on my part but I believe they don't talk about Skunk lovingly because, like me, they don't like his playing!

It was pretty awful, the chords were incomplete and often incorrect.

I usually stay out of these discussions for obvious reasons, but if you guys thought Fall of '92 was right, boy howdy do you have some powerful maleficent guys to fear now.

I'd like to hear how this mathematician came up with these numbers...

Am I the only one sick of the media and news telling us how we are all so worried about terrorism today when in fact we're mainly just having a good time?

Yeah, some of the stuff on the GB CD must be pretty good.

Later in the show, they moved on to the deep, dark, Paleozoic period of the Who (as DF might call it)---1970s with the epic and powerful, "Baba O'Reilly" and "Won't Get Fooled Again."

Another highlight for me was the encore.