Black Boy represents the deprivation Wright faces growing up.

Wright entitles his work Black Boy primarily for the emphasis on the word “black”: Physical hunger is merely a symbol of the larger emptiness Richard's brutal,

From an early age Richard Wright was aware of two races, the black and the white.

In the novel Black Boy Richard Wright explores the struggles throughout his life has been the victim of abuse from his coworkers, family, and his classmates, due to this he is able to return his pain and he becomes a victimizer.

Hunger is a different thing in Richard Wright’s Black Boy.

When he was six years old, his father, Nathan Wright deserted the family for whatever reason.

In Black Boy, Wright tells of an unsettled family life that takes him from Natchez, Mississippi, to Memphis, Tennessee, back to Jackson, Mississippi, then to Arkansas, back again to Mississippi, and finally to Memphis once more, where he prepares for his eventual migration to Chicago....

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By including the term “American Hunger” in brackets behind “Black Boy,” Wright draws attention to this relationship between race and physical hunger experienced by both him and many around him....

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Two other authors who have subtly woven their personal and cultural backgrounds into their fiction are Richard Wright in Black Boy and Hisaye Yamamoto in “Seventeen Syllables.” Raised in the South or a Japanese-American community on the West Coast, the protagonists in both works experience similar pro...

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In the book Black Boy; by Richard Wright, Wright reveals a fundamental insight into human nature: that there is nothing that really separates people except for what they separate themselves by....

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"His fear haunted life made him suspicious of everything that did not look as he looked." (Wright 338)

This quote explores the subject of inequality and stereotypes.
"I did not want to be violent with her, and yet I did not want to be beaten for a wrong I had not committed." (Wright 107)

This quote represents the difficulty of standing up for yourself and what you believe is right.
"This, in a sense, is what Wright does in Black Boy, creating from words a "Record of Childhood and Youth" that speaks to all readers of that which is "inexpressibly human," the hunger in life that gnaws in us all."

This quote from an outside source supports my thesis statement because it relates to the bravery it takes to overcome difficulties and make your dreams a reality.

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As an adult, Wright continues to face the hardships many blacks living during that time faced, and Wright looks to the Communist Party for a place to belong.
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Thesis Statement
The book Black Boy by Richard Wright should not be banned because it deals honestly with difficult subjects like inequality, stereotypes, and the bravery a person needs to stand up for himself and his dreams.