for the biosynthesis of cell wall ..

2-, M., and Keegstra, K. (2016). Biosynthesis of the Plant Cell Wall Matrix Polysaccharide Xyloglucan. In Annual Review of Plant Biology, Vol 67, S.S. Merchant, ed., pp. 235-259.

Biosynthesis of Cell Wall Material.

The hypothesis that the Golgi apparatus is involved in the bio-synthesis of the amorphous components of the cell wall and the ordered granules in the biosynthesis and orientation of the cellulose microfibrils is now supported by a great deal of evidence and accords well with the known geometrical requirements of the cell wall.

Update on Mechanisms of Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis: …

UPPS inhibitors are predicted to synergize with the more-conventional cell-wall biosynthesis ..

Presentation Summary : The cell wall is a component of most microorganisms. All cell walls contain a rigid components. Several antibiotics are known to inhibit the biosynthesis of cell wall ...