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We offer a whole range of aesthetic finishes to a prosthesis from chrome and carbon fibre to custom-made, high definition silicone solutions.

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I was able to correctly identify and locate instruments and prostheses to be sent to Poole Hospital and used on a patient who had sustained trauma; this being on a Sunday Morning when no Orthopaedically-trained theatre staff were on duty.

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Conventionally, spacers are usually in place for six weeks after the removal of the primary TKR implant where post-operative infection has arisen. High levels of antibiotics are required to eradicate infection and permit the removal of the spacer and fitting of a new TKR prosthesis. Smart Spacer has the potential to facilitate speedier stabilisation of the infection and may reduce heavy reliance on antibiotics. Evidence from the performance of Smart Spacers will be used to evaluate effectiveness and may open possibilities for similarly coated TKR devices to be eventually adopted as primary knee replacements and in other surgical and dental implants.

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Infections, including MRSA and Staphylococcus Epidermis, which are resistant to standard antibiotics are treated directly by the Smart Spacer. This presents significant advantages over current treatments and opens opportunities for the future of coated prosthesis becoming a long term primary treatment.