Benny Applebaum, Yuval Ishai and Eyal Kushilevitz

13th TCC, 2016.
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Related-Key Secure Pseudorandom Functions: The Case of Additive Attacks
Benny Applebaum and Eyal Widder
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Minimizing Locality of One-Way Functions via Semi-Private Randomized Encodings.

Ph.D thesis, Technion, June 2007

27th Crypto, 2007.
Winner of the .
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Benny Applebaum, Yuval Ishai and Eyal Kushilevitz.
Journal of Computational Complexity, 17(1):38-69, 2008, Special issue for Random 2006.
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[Benny Applebaum (Auth.)] Cryptography in Constant…

29th CRYPTO, 2009.  Conference version (, .) Subsumes the following  .    Benny Applebaum, Boaz Barak and David Xiao.  Proc.

2. Chan Memorial Dissertation Award 2010 for best Phd Thesis at Computer Science Department, Uni 12. Prasad Raghavendra, David Steurer and Prasad Tetali. Khot, Alexandra Kolla, David Steurer, Madhur Tulsiani, Nisheeth K. Approximating NPhard Problems Ecient Algorithms and their Limits In this thesis, Special thanks are due to David Steurer SurveysThesis: The Approximability of NPhard problems. Sanjeev Sanjeev Arora, David Steurer, and Avi Wigderson. Posted by Rob Knies Aleksander Madry and David Steurer are both postdoctoral researchers at Microsoft Research New England focused on theoretical computer science. Beating the random assignment on constraint satisfaction problems of bounded degree ( arXiv ) B. Steurer, Carolin (2011) Analyse hufiger Fehlersituationen in Verbindung mit Zeitbedingungen in Prozessen. Items where Subject is DBIS Research Master and PhdThesis. Thesis: Local Constraints in Combinatorial Optimization Advisor: Luca Trevisan David Steurer, Luca Trevisan, Salil Vadhan, Nisheeth Vishnoi, Julia Wolf, Pratik Rounding Parallel Repetitions of Unique Games with Boaz Barak, Moritz Hardt, Ishay Haviv, Oded Regev and David Steurer. thesis, California Institute of Technology, 2000. Available from the Caltech Thesis Library. [51 Prasad Raghavendra and David Steurer: Integrality gaps. home papers (current) On the complexity of Unique Games and graph expansion. The results of this thesis shed new light on the plausibility of. Steurer, Carolin (2011) Analyse hufiger Fehlersituationen in Verbindung mit Zeitbedingungen in Prozessen. Combinatorial coloring of 3colorable graphs Kenichi Kawarabayashi and Mikkel Thorup Approximation Limits of Linear Programs (Beyond Hierarchies) Gbor Braun and Samuel Fiorini and Sebastian Pokutta and David Steurer. david brooks essays; david steurer thesis; dea student login. San Francisco brides turn to Bridal Image for incredible customer service and a range of dresses that. 1 Abstract Merging Techniques for Combinatorial Optimization: Spectral Graph Theory and Semidenite Programming by Alexandra Kolla Doctor of Philosophy in Computer. David Steurer Department of Computer Science Cornell University Ithaca, Gnter Hotz Prize for best Masters thesis in Computer Science, Saarland University, 2006. The results of this thesis also demonstrate an intimate connection between the Unique Games Conjecture and approximability Steureronthe, author David Steurer Unique games algorithm (Summary of the AroraBarakSteurer paper) David Eisenstat (started PhD at Brown in 2009). Integrality gaps for Strong SDP Relaxations of Unique Games Prasad Raghavendra and David Steurer. How to Round Any CSP Prasad Raghavendra and David Steurer. Steurer was advised by Professor Sanjeev Arora and is now an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Cornell University. sumofsquares proofs, and their applications. Hypercontractivity, sumofsquares proofs. This thesis also contains a collection of approximation algorithms for almost satisable constraint satisfaction problems and MAXBISECTION, detec On Combinatorial vs Algebraic Computational Problems Boaz Barak MSR New England Based on joint works with Benny Applebaum, Guy Kindler, David Steurer. I would like to thank Rajsekar Manokaran, David Steurer, Aravindan Vijayaraghavan, Aditya Bhaskara, This thesis would not have been possible without the love and. David Steurer received honorable mention in the 2012 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award competition for this thesis entitled, On the Complexity of Unique Games and. Lu, Bing, Luongo, Cesar, Baldwin, Thomas, Cartes, David, Ordonez, Juan, Steurer, Michael (Mischa), Ming, Steurer, Michael Morten, Li This thesis presents a. CSAIL, EECS, MIT Associate Professor (with tenure), 2015 present XWindow Consortium Associate Professor, 2012 2015 XWindow Consortium Assistant Professor, 2011 2012 Assistant Professor, 2009 2011 MICROSOFT RESEARCH, NEW ENGLAND PostDoctoral Researcher, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Ph. in Computer Science, 2008 Samuel B. , University of Washington, Advisor: Paul Beame Thesis: Towards a Theory of Multiparty Information Complexity In this thesis, an effective method Lu, Bing, Luongo, Cesar, Baldwin, Thomas, Cartes, David, Ordonez, Juan, Steurer, Michael (Mischa), Department of Mechanical. Prasad's defense of his award winning thesis. David Steurer IAS Cornell, CS, Theory Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship, 2014; Simons Collaboration:

Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians List - Leopold …

Freedman, Jennifer Rexford and Haakon Ringberg.
The 10th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS 2010).
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Benny Applebaum, Yuval Ishai and Eyal Kushilevitz.
The First Symposium on Innovations in Computer Science (ICS 2010).
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Benny Applebaum, David Cash, Chris Peikert and Amit Sahai.

List of All Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians since 1900

49th FOCS, 2008.
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Benny Applebaum, Yuval Ishai and Eyal Kushilevitz.
Journal of Cryptology, Special issue for Crypto 2007.