What is their connection to microwave backgroundradiations?

There's a debate about whether this might imply some bizarre sourcefor these cosmic rays, or whether they might be exotic particles of some sort(or whether some more mundane explanation is more likely).

For a Universe with critical density in matter, itturns out that H0t0=2/3.

instead ofaiming to use this attraction field ONLY to "draw" CMBR into the tube likeair into a jet engine, aiming more "for tractor tracks on loose snow".

Backround On Bigbang Nucleosynthesis

But for the currently favoured values it turns out to be true thatH0t0 is quite close to 1.

Other issues, such as the cuspy halo problem and the dwarf galaxy problem of cold dark matter, are not considered to be fatal as it is anticipated that they can be solved through further refinements of the theory.The core ideas of the Big Bang—the expansion, the early hot state, the formation of helium, the formation of galaxies—are derived from many independent observations including Big Bang nucleosynthesis, the , large scale structure and Type Ia supernovae, and can hardly be doubted as important and real features of our universe.Precise modern models of the Big Bang appeal to various exotic physical phenomena that have not been observed in terrestrial laboratory experiments or incorporated into the of .

Atoms Point to the Beginning The heart of all matter

If COBEhad detected no anisotropies, or ones with the wrong amplitude or variationwith angular scale, then our basic paradigm would have to have beendramatically changed (and there were many cosmologists at the time whowere anticipating such a change!).

At the onset of the Big Bang event, there were no atoms

A regionwhich is overdense in gravity will be overdense in both matter andradiation (this is a consequence of the perturbations being of the "adiabatic"sort typically produced in early universe inflationary models).

Why did the Universe start off with Hydrogen, Helium, …

No one doubts that the polarization is there, and so it'sdetection will be a confirmation of the basic paradigm for the physics ofthe generation of CMB anisotropies.

This hypothesis explains: 2H, 6Li, 7Be, n, Nucleosynthesis…

I think the Solar-CMB motion is perhaps in the direction of theconstellation Leo (but just at the southernedge), while the better "Milky Way" or "Local Group" dipole is furthersouth, maybe in the direction of Hydra.

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Both compressions andrarefactions lead to enhancements in the temperature fluctuations atthose particular angular scales, and so the "power spectrum of anisotropies"ends up as a series of bumps and wiggles.

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This can include exotic forms of energy, like theenergy density of empty space, which there is some reason to believe mightbe greater than zero (otherwise known as a postitive cosmological constant).