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• Noor SuzanaJaafar. (2000). Writing:Helping ESL learners to reduce global errors usingsystematic error analysis (Bachelor of Education’s thesis). UniversitiPendidikan Sultan Idris, TanjungMalim.

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Every degree programme at TAMK includes the requirement to write a final thesis. The thesis is an independent, self-contained learning project. For the bachelor’s degree programmes, the thesis is worth 15 credits (ECTS cr.), except for the midwifery and nursing degree programmes, where the thesis is 20 credits in scope. The master’s thesis is worth 30 cr. The grade for the thesis is shown separately on the diploma which the student receives on graduation.

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- Bachelor’s Degree research papers look at the academic degree awarded to an individual after satisfactory completion of an undergraduate course of study at a college or university.

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I'm writing my bachelor thesis in English in a German language environment so I was unable to get help from my supervisor on language related questions (neither of the languages is my first language). I am confused which tense should I be using when referring to sections of the thesis:

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- Branches of Learning research papers discuss the several categorizations of learning, which are broken down into two types of degrees; Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.