What are interesting bachelor's thesis topics for …

At the end of the fifth trimester....
Two reports ...one on
methdology ..one on
blended learning
at the end of the fourth trimester we look at classroom managment
develop key academic competencies

the ability for life long learning
contribute to a knowledge based economy

Evaluate the own learning process and comment on the work of others in the tutorials.

In each research theme you pariticipate in regular research meetings; in this way you have the opportunity to learn from and comment on other research.

Ocasys: Toon vak Bachelor's Thesis E&BE-BE

See details in the semester schedule which will be made available to the students via the Fronter learning management system.

Helsinki Metropolia UAS - E Services Thesis Career Services - Thesis workersHome/Services/Career Services/Thesis workers. Thesis can be carried out as a personal or a small scale E Services Thesis group project. Both Bachelor and Master degrees include thesis.