What are some good thesis topics in finances and banking?

After half of the time the students writing their final thesis at the Institute for Finance & Banking present their project to the team of the chair (Bachelor/Master-colloquium). Especially the methodological procedure and content-related issues shall be explained. The subsequent discussion shall help in dealing with topic-related problems and possible solution alternatives. Dates for colloquiums are sent per mail to the students. The students present their presentation concept and their slides in a preliminary discussion to the responsible assistant.

Please follow the instructions provided by your Bachelor's thesis supervisor.

I am doing my MBA in Finance and is in search of research/project topic (s) that can best address some questions/issues in a developing nation such as Liberia. kindly assist me with two or more topics.

What are some good thesis topics in finances and banking

Can you help me with a finance research topic on banking institutions ( commercial bank finance)

it is not too much deficult search some research papers with easy topic in journal of finance or corporate F and remove or add variables or change the conditions given in the paper e.g like impact of cpec on gdp, you can change it with impact of cpec on inflation……