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In this follow-up audit we examined government’s progress in acting on commitments made in response to our previous concerns. Our audit included the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (the Secretariat) which includes the Office of the Comptroller General, and seven large federal departments, namely: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Department of Finance Canada, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Transport Canada, and Veterans Affairs Canada.

Value for money auditing is a recent expansion in the scope of auditing

Life-cycle assessment offers a new concept to deal with the future complex environmental issues. However, there are no shortcuts or simple answers to all questions posed. The rapidly emerging adoption of a holistic approach to combat environmental problems will most likely identify a lot of gaps in our knowledge about new aspects that need to be dealt with. Also, available data that may be used are in many cases intended for other purposes. Despite all difficulties, there is no argument for waiting to use LCA until it gets better. It is by no means hard to find difficulties and uncertainties in the present LCA concept, if one wants to use such arguments to justify an unwillingness to conduct an LCA. One has to decide whether it is worthwhile to seek a holistic life-cycle approach to environmental aspects despite all difficulties. The more LCA is used, the more knowledge will be gained about its structure, function and applicability, which will be the best guarantee for a feedback to ensure its successive improvement.


Value-For-Money Audit for Accountability and …

1.38 We also examined whether the CFOs and their deputies in the selected departments, as well as in the 15 other large government departments (not subject to this audit), met the professional accounting designation requirements of the Policy on Financial Management Governance.

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It was in the workplace that causal links between health and the environment were first clearly established. It was also in the workplace that the consequences of the increase in the amount and variety of contaminants resulting from the diversification of industrial processes were first felt. Yet these contaminants cannot be confined to the occupational environment. Once released, their pathway may become difficult to follow or trace, but it inevitably ends in nature: environmental toxins are present in the soil, water and air of even the most remote environments. Human health, in turn, is affected by the pollution of the natural environment, whether of local, national or transboundary origin. Along with other types of environmental degradation, which cause worldwide depletion of natural resources, this accords a planetary dimension to the interaction between environmental conditions and public health.

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We conducted interviews with senior management and staff in the Secretariat, the OCG, and each of the seven departments. We also reviewed and analyzed the supporting documentation that the departments and central agencies provided us with. In addition, we confirmed whether chief financial officers and their deputies who indicated that they had professional accounting designations were members in good standing with their professional accounting bodies. We did not assess specific internal controls in the selected departments, nor did we audit the appropriateness and the completeness of the risks identified by departments in their corporate risk profiles.