Another Ice Age?Monday, June 24, 1974

‘The greatest collection of vertebrate specimens is from the Fairbanks area, where tens of thousands of specimens have been collected during the past 30 years. For example, in 1938, a typical year, 8,008 cataloged specimens weighing about 8 tons were collected by 0. W. Geist and shipped to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City (University of Alaska, “Collegian,” 1938, fall). Partial lists of mammals from the Fairbanks area were given by Frick (1930, 1937), Wilkerson (1932, p. 422), Mertie (1937, p. 191), Stock (1942), Hibben (1943), Taber (1943, p. 1487), Skinner and Kaisen (1947), Skarland (1949, p. 132-133), Pewe (1952a, table 4), Geist (1953), Pewe and Hopkins (1967), and Guthrie (1968a).

Pleistocene: the last Ice Age, approx 2.5 million years ago to 11,600 years ago.

Here isa comparison:On the Moon, a small fraction (Because the Moon has no atmosphere, and itdoes not have active volcanoes or plate tectonics, there are no processesto erase the craters left over from the bombardment phase.

70s ice age: the facts that refute the claim.

One of the more amusing theories about global warming is that it mighttrigger an ice age.

These are precisely the periods expected if Earth's elements (, , and ) govern ice-age climates, as proposed by Milankovitch Theory. Thus, there could be no more doubt that elements had to be considered as important drivers of climate on long time scales.

The following years saw a profusion of information and discussion on this subject.

NASA: Mars Recently (In Astronomical Terms) Exited Ice Age

There comes a time when you have to call it quits. C O’N can throw out bullshit faster than I can clean it up. Anyone who can’t see through it, well, you’re destined to remain a doomsday cult fanatic. If I were to demand of this particular doomsday cultist a few examples of predictors of global warming from the 70s–not of possibilities but prognoses of dangerous warming–he would just ignore it and blow more smoke. And listen up any seekers of truth: this is the norm; this has been the modus operandi from top to bottom for 30 years now. They have to ban the dangerous websites to keep their deluded fanatics deluded. –AGF

What would happen to the human race if there is a mini ice age

No shit Sherlock. But that doesn’t stop some science denialists from pretending that Schneider was a 70’s scientist “predicting the next ice age”.

During what is known as the Little Ice Age, ..

Mitchell was clearly hypothesising above, and he went on to point out the great uncertainty that existed at the time. Global warming denialists like agf are too dumb to understand that scientific uncertainty is not set in stone and can be reduced as time goes by. Just because there were very large uncertainties in climate science in the 1960s and 1970s does not in any way, shape or form mean that we have a similar level of uncertainty now, especially about the long term global temperature trend.

Sea-ice formation sustained the 'Little Ice Age' ..

Actually no.. That;s not Isaac Asimov that’s the editor of the misrepresenting Asimov’s book and overlooking the fact that Asimov was NOT in fact predicting global cooling but quite the reverse. The book also covered a lot of other things with only a passing reference to possible ice ages and possible solutions rather than saying it was anything truly likely.