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The Architecture track within the Ph.D program in Architecture and Design Research includes research topics in Architectural Representation and Education, Architectural History and Theory, Historic Preservation, and Computing and Representation.

Degree Requirements for the Ph.D. in Architecture and Design Research:

Methods is an opportunity for students to explore techniques and processes that inform design as a spatial practice. The research methods unit introduces techniques that directly inform design as a spatial practice.

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Throughout the course of the semester you will construct a proposal for your own research project.

Research 1 & 2 encourage students to develop the subject of their enquiry in dissertations in parallel with their interests, career aspirations and the content of studio units. The subject chosen will reflect the symbiosis between design practice and theory, and allow for scholarship within individual specialisms to be placed within a deeper understanding of architecture as a whole

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This course is for students who have completed a RIBA Part One course in Architecture. The course comprises of studio, research methods, dissertation and professional studies units, delivered through a diverse range of research driven ateliers and workshops. Each group approaches architecture from a different specialised position, offering expertise, skills and knowledge that respond to contemporary events and issues. Course units are delivered through studio days, workshops, seminars and lectures, made available digitally for distance learning. Students vote at the beginning of each academic year from a selection of ateliers and workshops. Student projects connect with research-based design, contemporary investigative methods and live workshops, aligned with strong areas of research activity and professional practice undertaken by the academic team within the wider cultural context.

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Studio units centre on face to face discourse, focused on the creative and exploratory design thesis. Units are aligned (eg Methods and Dissertation) to capitalise on research themes and methodologies located in both theory and studio practice and delivered through lectures, seminars and talks. Professional Studies combines the benefits of employment contexts and academic environments to deliver technologically and professionally responsive design projects and case studies. Blending digital communication and live discourse, Professional Studies also facilitates distance learning as a part of the hybrid route.

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The MArch is a lively student centred environment, where peer-to-peer learning, practice based research and live connect students, expert academics, design professionals and wider communities. Internationally recognised study tour research and access to the exchange programmes, connects the MArch with other leading Schools of Architecture. The extensive MSAplus alumni network, Manchester Society of Architects and Digital Innovation, are examples of a vibrant academic and professional context, where students are supported to develop their own links and approaches to architecture. Students can access sports clubs, societies and activities available at both Manchester Metropolitan and the University of Manchester.

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The Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) is well integrated with the vibrant architectural community of a culturally diverse city, a powerful regional profession and an extensive and active array of international partners. The Master of Architecture (MArch) programme at MSA is highly respected for the capability of its graduates who succeed in the transglobal setting of research and practice in architecture.