The research focuses on the relationship of water and architecture.

Designed to develop an architectural language that would ‘sustain’ and ‘survive’ the impacts of new age challenges, and evolve into an architectural language of the future – taking sustainability one step ahead. The IATA 2014 will carry extraordinary eminence to your work.

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This thesis seeks to define a new cultural meaning of nature within the urban environment where a symbiotic relationship with urbanism is sought through the facilitation of architecture. Cultural views on nature have changed drastically in the past; conquering nature was a pre-industrial view and post-industrial views perceived nature as untouchable and in need of preservation. However, humankind has consistently been seen as existing outside of nature. Perhaps nature needs to be modernized and (re)interpreted as an essential system to contemporary urbanism.

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To respond to the paranoiac tensions between the city and the scrappers, the first architecture introduced to the site is a construction waste recycling plant which formalized the scrapping industry by centralizing the material treatment process within a mega block. Existing Packard Plant would endure the risk of change when more and more scrappers coming to the site, in different forms of re-occupation. Due to the influx of Chinese capital on car industry in Detroit, the centralized scrap metal treatment allures the GM Motor to set up a new headquarter, financially supported by the Chinese car companies. The new car assembly line is built by demolishing the existing tallest building in the site. These 2 parties, both mutually beneficial and competitive, create a hidden dialogue in the possession of the site, material exchange and manpower competition. With more and more stakeholders concerned, the paranoiac tensions become convoluted and bring questions to the role of historical buildings changes and the role of new architecture performs in paranoiac tensions so that construction and destruction can achieve to sustain an equilibrium.

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The fifth-year faculty offer a range of thesis studio options, each with a unique area of focus. This range of studio options is meant to offer a variety of environments within which students can explore a broad spectrum of architectural thesis projects according to their respective goals and interests. In order to describe the unique focus of the various thesis design studios, each studio instructor has prepared a studio prospectus. These prospecti are descriptions of each instructor’s fifth-year studio, its area of focus, and the types of educational experiences it will offer. Please use them to make informed decisions about your fifth-year studio preferences in accordance with your own professional and educational goals. Please read all of the material and study it carefully. If you are on campus during the academic year then please feel free to visit the studios, talk with the current fifth-year students, and review their work. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact fifth-year instructors and discuss any questions you may have about their studios, their objectives, or your ideas for your thesis project.

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International Architecture Thesis Awards 2014
After the huge success of International Architecture Awards 2013 (IATA2013), This year, RTF is launching the IATA 2014. The IATA are the absolute global architectural award event for the recent graduates with 15 categories and 10 esteemed judges across the globe. It’s your chance to be distinguished around the best in the profession.

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