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Another Italian sculptor to receive an important commission in the capitol was Luigi Amateis (1855-?) for his "Apotheosis of America."

Snyder about the Illuminati but Washington’s response was very critical of the group.

(81.3 cm)
Collection of Robert Staples and Barbara Fahs Charles (Washington, D.C.)
Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library (Winterthur, Del.)

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Up from the spray of thy ocean-perishing — straight up, leaps thy apotheosis!

Mark H. Biddle, Esq. (Penn Law '78) President of the IHA made the presentation to Penn President Sheldon Hackney during a luncheon, which is part of the Founder's Day festivities that help launch the university's 25th anniversary year. The IHA acquired "Apotheosis," which means the process of deification, in the mid-1970's. The 16-by-30-foot work was donated to the IHA by officers of the Franklin Savings Bank in Manhattan, where it had served as the firm's symbolic identification for many years. The bank's building was demolished in the mid-1970s.

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It might be insightful to note that this painting was completed just 12 years before Elder Wilford Woodruff, President of the St. George Temple at the time and one of the Twelve Apostles, , including George Washington.

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This image of Washington, painted in 1865, reflects a vision of Washington that appealed to the American public just after his death. The “apotheosis” served as a powerful symbol of the immortalization of the country’s hero. Paintings and sculptures of Washington’s celestial rise were soon to be found in living rooms and civic halls across the country. The religious connotation was clear: here was a man so virtuous and beloved that he surely had ascended to heaven, escorted honorably by classical personifications of freedom and liberty. In effect, the public’s civic worship of Washington led to a nearly religious worship just after his death. Washington was suddenly deified.

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It’s not only the Mormons who have thoughts about the divinization of mankind, but such a theme is even portrayed of our most beloved Founding Father and first President of our country, George Washington, in no less than oculus of the rotunda of the Capitol Building of the United States of America.

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The word “apotheosis” in the title means literally the raising of a person to the rank of a god, or the glorification of a person as an ideal; George Washington was honored as a national icon in the nineteenth century.