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The first experiment shows the feasibility of identifying anticipation through the surrogate measure of pre-event actions relative to a conflict event, and confirms the hypothesis that experienced drivers exhibit these actions more often.

An example would be: To apply for a job, you need to have a few years of experience.

It is these letter (orthographic) patterns that signal vowel pronunciation. For example, while one or more consonants at the end of a syllable (closed syllable type) signals a short vowel sound, a vowel at the end signals a long vowel sound, etc. Highlighting, underlining, or enhancing the saliency of the visual pattern in some way is recommended to direct the student's attention to the critical components of the orthographic image. Students must become able not only to apply their knowledge of these patterns to recognize the syllable types, but to see these patterns automatically, and ultimately read words as wholes rather than through the application of word attack strategies. This need to move from decoding to automatic recognition was recognized years ago by Anna Gillingham when she incorporated the Phonetic Word Cards activity into the Orton-Gillingham lesson plan (Gillingham and Stillman, 1997). This activity involves having the student practice reading words (and some nonwords) on cards as wholes beginning with simple syllables and moving systematically through the syllable types to complex syllables and two-syllable words. The words are divided into groups that correspond to the specific sequence of skills being taught.

Anxiety and the anticipatory struggle hypothesis.

For example, age is a variable on which people can be classified according to the number of years they have lived.

While the focus of this paper is take-overs, it is important to note the distinction that exists between take-overs and other forms of corporate reorganizations such as mergers and acquisitions. For example, although the term merger doesn't have a legal meaning in Canadian corporate law, it is generally employed to refer to "any transaction whereby one corporation acquires control of another, whether by take-over bid, amalgamation or arrangement." Thus, a take-over is just one form of the various types of mergers.

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In a final set ofexperiments, a speech-recognition paradigm is employed to explore an alternativehypothesis: that stuttering-like disfluencies can be precipitated, in a speaker, by the mereanticipation that his words will result in communication failure.

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Contrary to these hypotheses, results show similar improvements in anticipation for both interfaces across all participants, although fewer and shorter glances towards the attentional interface suggest that it is preferable from the perspective of driver distraction.

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The inefficient management hypothesis suggests that where a corporation has inefficient management, there exists an incentive for an offeror company to acquire it and install new leaders who are better able to harness the full potential of the offeree's assets. If more effective and efficient management of the offeree's assets is ultimately achieved, then the resulting gains accrue directly to the offeror.

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The hubris hypothesis of take-overs, proposed by Richard Roll, implies that managers of an offeror corporation may pay a premium to acquire an offeree that the market has already correctly valued for their own personal motives rather than for pure economic gains. Roll suggests that the pride of the offeror's managers may cause them to place greater significance on their own valuation of the offeree than on that of the market's valuation.